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Monday, November 24, 2014

Arrow Season 3 Episode 7 'Draw Back Your Bow' Recap

By: Clare Belshaw

I was really worried about Cupid, even though I did giggle at her opening line last week, it is difficult to do the crazed stalker character without it either being really unpleasant just utterly offensive.

They did it as well as they could, with Cupid occasionally getting a few good lines and providing some character growth for Ollie even if it never eventuates to anything.

With Cupid leaving bloody murdered love notes for Ollie we flash back in time to see him learning how to do his laundry. Maseo is going out to do some Argus work on the dock and since the blond haired white Ollie might stick out a bit he is to stay at home with Tatsu, both of who are just thrilled to be spending time together.

Cut back to best person in the series Felicity and OMG IS RAY DOING THE THING? I have no idea what that work out is called but the shot of her walking in on him doing the exercise that was used in every promo video for Arrow is just beautiful and very distracting.

They are clearly working hard to make Roy as desirable as possible since he has to compete with both Barry and Ollie for Felicity, as he proceeds to bribe her to going to dinner with him by getting her a dress worth more then her apartment. Still Roy, I think you can do better. Throw some Disney level bribery there.

As Ollie gets frustrated that Felicity is spending time with Ray; even though she works for him and it was clear to us she was ready to move on with Barry if he had been able to move on from Iris.

Ok, so far the real advantage of Ray is not what he brings to the relationship but rather the lack of baggage he brings. I can totally get behind it, Ollie I sympathise with but Felicity is too good a character to get stuck being eternally available for someone who isn't ready to make that leap. I do like the two of them together, but there is only so much waiting a person can do (despite what Nicola Sparks or matchmaker Diggle would say).

Although I do have to agree that between Green Arrow, the Flash and the future Captain Atom Felicity does indeed have a type.

Cut back to Arrow chasing down Cupid who has been two steps ahead of him; demanding to be with Arrow or she will continue her murderess rampage... I suppose that's a plan.

Thea is auditioning DJ's for the club's re-opening, when some young pratt comes in saying he doesn't audition, he just works. Thea kicks his ass to the curb; I do not like the fact that the episode will essentially punish her for this behaviour. It is totally reasonable to expect a performer to audition first.

Clearly he's such a special snow flake that the man is just trying to keep down.

Felicity has tracked down Cupid, discovering she was the first woman to make it into the SCPD, before she went coo coo for coco puffs. I suppose this explains how she was able to go from someone who was getting pushed around my a Mirakuru solider to someone who can go toe to toe with Arrow.

Roy, who has now evolved into Arsenal, hopefully this will not involve a drug habit, a dead child and a corpse of a cat... yeah comic are strange sometimes.

Arrow manages to save both Roy and the mobster Cupid had taken hostage but she gets away. This adds to the Roy angst as he is already dealing with the fact he killed a cop (seriously? has anyone told Laurel that he didn't kill Sarah?). Diggle is trying his best to set Ollie up with Felicity but most of it comes down to 'Ollie really likes you.' Which, we knew. Cupid's therapist gives a bit more information, which is to say if Ollie doesn't start connecting to people on a more meaningful level then he will become destructively obsessed to fabricate those relationships.

Back in the flash back we see Ollie and Tatsu at the docks looking for Maseo who hasn't returned from his mission left. So Tatsu is going to be a complete badass since the show makes a point of Ollie assuming she can't fight. And... wait is she Katana! How did I not realise this?! I never actually knew her civilian name so I didn't put it together till I saw her fight.

THAT IS AWESOME. Although it does mean that if Maseo isn't dead... he will be soon.

Cupid is using her sexy powers of sex to convince a hacker to help her find Arrow's location by taking the distance to each crime scene and time it took for him to get there and that is so simple how has no one thought to do it before!

The club opening is going poorly, with a DJ who is awful! DJ Prick shows up and offers to help out for a price, at this point I have to assume he deliberately got this other DJ to suck so hard cause he is able to fix it with about two buttons and every flocks onto the dance floor. Either he is a meta-human with the power of party or this is some lazy screen writing.

Speaking of lazy screen writing, Felicity and Ray on their completely platonic only a business dinner gives the weakest speech about how Ray is different from other business men, and he doesn't are about profits and that's why you should sell to him. Uhhhhhhh... let's skip that.

Cupid has found her way to Verdant, knowing the block of the Quiver but not it's exact location. Ollie calls her and says they need to meet. The final fight happens and Ollie explains he can't love anyone because of what he does, which Felicity hears. Ollie manages to defeat Cupid and signs her up with the suicide squad. I thought team arrow was against the suicide squad after that arc with Diggle and deadshot?

Ollie decides to tell Felicity how he feels and really make a go of it, right as she is ready to try and give it a go with Ray. Ollie goes back to the Quiver to throw a bit of a tantrum and I am really ready to be done with him when Roy shows up and we get the ending they both needed. They go to Diggle's for dinner. A simple act showing how romance is not the only kind of relationship and they both do need to let people into their lives.

It's a really quick but effective scene.

We then see Ray, ready to move forward with his next experiment... and it's the ATOM suit!!! That is exciting! Normally that would have been the end teaser but no... cause Atom is not the only Captain being introduced.

Aww yeah! It's Captain Boomerang!

While I really enjoyed this episode for dealing with a character like Cupid as well as they could have, having some development for Roy and Ollie that wasn't love interested based as well as a lot of very cute Felicity lines. It is Katana (yes I know she's be in other episodes but I didn't realise till now), the hits of Atom and the introduction of Captain Boomerang that really makes this a favourite of mine.

Survivor: San Juan del Sur: Blood v Water Episodes 8 and 9 Reviews

By: Andrew McDonald
Survivor: San Juan del Sur: Blood V Water 2

I sincerely apologise for my tardiness with Survivor: San Juan del Sur; Blood v Water updates. I have been given a warning from the Survivor Fancier's Association and felt the silent scolding from like-minded Survivor lovers!

Without further delay here is a rundown of the maelstrom that swept through Episode 8 and 9 of Survivor

Episode 8
Tension is growing along gender lines with Jaclyn and Baylor feeling "used and inconsequential" by the male members. The male members counter by complaining that the ladies-particularly Baylor aren't contributing to camp life at all.

Jeremy has noticed this "lack of appreciation for the ladies" also and privately admonishes Alec, Wes and Keith for not treating the female survivors appropriately. Baylor is asked to throw the remains of a gutted fish Alec has been preparing away to prove she is doing something around camp. Keith also complains that Baylor is not pulling her weight.

Jon and Jaclyn will now be able to enact their "swing-voter powers" at Tribal Council-having been denied previously by Julie's sudden decision to quit the game. 

Reward Challenge
I love that Jeff always asks the competitors if they want to know what they're playing for at challenges! It is the carrot being dangled in front of the donkey. This time they're playing for a Taco Feast with all the fixings.

Two teams are drawn with Missy not being picked and will not take part-clearly an indication that she is thought to be weak in physical challenges.

For this reward challengers must carry loads of heavy blocks onto a sled, push it along a track to form a statue, then haul it up a slope to raise the survivor flag.
The team of Keith, Wes, Natalie and Jeremy win the reward handsomely.
Jon is sent to Exile Island. Ultimately this will be a bitter-sweet experience for him.

At the taco feast, Wes eats like there is no tomorrow and pays the price. No strategising takes place because the winning team is a mix of alliances. It is a case of watching for any clues as to opposing alliance's posturing.

On Exile, Jon is given the clue to the hidden Immunity Idol and in a game changing surprise, finds the idol. This cements their control of the game.
Jaclyn scrambles to sure up alliances in Jon's absence. Alec trusts Jon.
Upon Jon's return Jaclyn is livid about her treatment by the men. Their plan to target Jeremy is still on track-or that's what Jon thinks until Jaclyn emotionally switches her attention to Keith. Jon can see the merits but wants to stick with the plan-considering Keith is able to be dispensed with more easily than Jeremy. Of course they don't know that Keith has an idol.

Immunity Challenge
The classic memory challenge will decide the fate for one survivor. Jeff holds up a series of pictures and the survivors must show their picture cubes in order. 
Jon, Reed, Wes and Alec fall at the first hurdle, closely followed by Natalie and Baylor. Jaclyn, then Keith and Missy fall out leaving Josh and Jeremy-the two people who need immunity the most, to endure. Josh errs leaving an extremely relieved Jeremy to claim the prize. Josh knows his goose is cooked.
Josh immediately attempts to manipulate Baylor into voting for his alliance by reminding her that he saved her at the beginning of the season. She thought he did this without  any "quid pro quo" attached. 
Baylor is now the target of the Josh, Reed Wes and Keith alliance anyway. She attempts to secure Josh and Jaclyn's favour after her mother tells her of Keith's intent.
Jon and Jaclyn are undecided about who to vote for. Jon wants to Baylor, Jaclyn wants Josh. What will they do?

Tribal Council
At Tribal, Jaclyn voices her feelings of anger at being inconsequential when Jon was on Exile. Alliances are made clearer. Missy comments on the male members crudity. Reed pitches his and Josh's case.
It's time to vote.
In what turns out to be a two horse race Baylor receives 5 and Josh is cast away with 6.
In the wash up, Alec voted for Baylor and Jon and Jaclyn went for Josh.
Reed is devastated and after a departing kiss for his loved-one, Josh vows to eat a cheeseburger for everyone.
He will be back as the first person of the jury.
One gets the feeling that Jon and Jaclyn's swing vote powers will come back to haunt them. Parallels with Sarah's situation in Survivor: Cagayan: Brawn v Brains v Beauty, when she was suddenly entrusted with the swing voting power (not being aligned with the remaining two alliances), bit her hard when she sided with the wrong alliance and they voted her off. Will Jon and Jaclyn fall into the same trap? 

Episode 9 
This episode sees one of the most ingratiating yet brilliant moves by two of the castaways. Jon and Jaclyn's power-while still substantial-is being diminished. Missy thanks Jon and Jaclyn for saving Baylor. Jon feels Jaclyn is being disrespected by some of the male contenders. Keith is incensed with Jon and "has had it with Missy".

Reward Challenge
The survivors are drafted into two teams-yellow and blue. The Yellow team is Alec, Reed, Baylor, Natalie and Jeremy. The Blue team comprises Missy, Keith, Wes, Jon and Jaclyn.
Jeff's third favourite saying on the show-"want to know what you're playing for?", is revealed as a sandwich cruise aboard a yacht, with champagne and soft drinks for the young'uns! 
The players must try to knock their opponent off a wobbling balance bean into a pit of mud.
After some epic struggles the Yellow team win. However, before they go off to enjoy their spoils Natalie and Jeremy offer their places to Jon and Jaclyn. What a move! They now have made it very difficult for them to vote either of them off in the future.

Jeremy is sent to Exile in a move that Baylor describes as making sure Jeremy has a chance to find the idol. Of course he can't find it because Jon has it. He quickly comes to that assumption. It is an extremely uncomfortable period for him on Exile.

Wes is impressed with Natalie's move. Natalie voices a desire to rid the group of Reed. Wes wants to know if he and Keith are the targets.

On the yacht, Reed is plotting his revenge for Josh's departure. 
Jon is feeling a sense of unquiet about the decision to send Jeremy to Exile realising that Jeremy will know Jon has the idol and use this to later "flush it out".

Immunity Challenge
The survivors have to construct a 3 tiered puzzle of 21 pieces using only their feet. A true test of core strength. Jeremy is really fatigued from Exile and is struggling. Reed jumps out to an early lead which is quickly eaten up by Baylor and Keith. Pieces are knocked over until Baylor prevails with a dexterous display. Missy is overjoyed, Reed is panicked.

Jeremy is confident he will not be going home. Reed is desperate and in a semi-illegal act, rifles through Keith's bag finding the instructions for the use of the hidden Immunity Idol. He immediately tells this to Missy and Jaclyn, hoping to direct their ire at Keith not him.

Keith realises someone has been through his bag and thinks now might be the time to use it and maybe force someone out of the opposing alliance.

As news spreads about Keith's idol, all are amazed that he has one and how well he kept it hidden. Jeremy tries to tease the truth from Jon about his idol. 

Tribal Council
Reed highlights Jeremy and Natalie's self-serving. Jeff brings up the fact that no-one has played an idol. Jon and Jaclyn call out Keith and Wes about not approaching them to be a part of the alliance. Wes counters by saying that they didn't approach he or Keith either.
Reed is reveling in the change of focus away from him.
"It's time to vote........"
Keith does not play his idol.
Three  players receive votes. Keith garners 2, Reed 3 and Jeremy is undone (despite his "selfless act") with 5! Once again Jon and Jaclyn flip and remain in control. This time a god guy didn't win. Keith and Reed live to fight another day. Is Jon and Jaclyn's grip about to loosen?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

How To Get Away With Murder 1x09 "Kill Me, Kill Me, Kill Me" (Midseason Finale): All Is Revealed!

By: Shahbaz Malik
WOW, all was finally revealed during the mid-season finale of hit new series, How To Get Away With Murder...

Let's break it down in order of the night's events:

The BIG Annalise and Sam fight...

This was probably the most shocking conversation between these two (now) past-lovers, as Annalise tried her best to drive him mad by revealing, in the dirtiest and raunchiest language... her affair with Nate. It of course pushed Sam over the edge to violently push her against the wall and nearly choke her to death!

Only one thing that remains in the air, is if he indeed did kill Lila! I mean judging by his actions during the episode, of violently assaulting numerous woman it's very likely.

She then left him and went straight to Nate, both giving into temptation by having hot sex. Umm, okay even after mentioning his sick wife is in hospital? And Annalise also glanced at a picture of them before actually doing the deed. Gosh, okay...

The Rebecca intervention...

Talk about cray, why would you even attempt to go into a house knowing the man you are sure of killing your best friend is at home?

It all had to happen while Michaela showed up to return the trophy, which caused Sam to think that it was all apart of Annalise's plan to bring him down. He then chased Rebecca in an angry rage, which then led to Michaela to phone her lawyer buddies (well colleagues, shall I say).

Sam takes a plunge...

Once everyone showed up, things took a turn for the worst as Rebecca emerged out of the bathroom, only to be taken down by Sam in a desperate plea to stop her. And SHOCK HORROR as Sam passed Michaela, she tried to get away from him touching her and her colleagues which then lead to him falling of the stairs.

And alas, the answer was given to fans who have been scratching their heads over how these peeps ended up having to help each other (especially due to their competitive and angry nature towards one another) as Laurel pointed out that they be will apart of Rebekah's illegal obtaining of information, being accessories to the crime for willingly helping her gain the info.

Oh wait, his alive?

But wait, while the gang try to come to deals with what just happened, SURPRISE! his actually still alive, and somehow managed to pin down and choke Rebekah. So BANG, he gets hit over the head with the trophy, splattering blood onto Rebecca. That was the final blow... and now his dead for real!


The camera slowly pans to reveal who actually killed Sam, and it was WES!

Yep, fans theories of him doing it managed to somehow come together.  Nice try HTGAWM by throwing us off with that stair-fall drama. But I guess that fall also had to deal with him already suffering major injuries (perhaps internal bleeding?) oh, and why didn't Connor actually check if he was dead, rather than assuming and announcing his dead...

So from then on, we are treated to catching-up with all the flashbacks as the bonfire cover-up unfolds yet again.. and the planning of how to rid of the body etc. On the way we also see the answer as to how Asher ended up as Bonnie's booty-call. He was a weird kinda backup to that creepy guy Bonnie met at the bar as he tried to make-out with Bonnie, she eventually got turned off and instead went to Asher. But no matter how random it was, I just loved how awkward the actual moment before giving into temptation went down as Patrick tried to be romantic only to hurt her against a pile of books.

Before we move on, who the hell was that creepy bar guy? Could he be the actual killer of Lila?
I mean he made a statement when seeing the news report on TV, saying something about hidden secrets. I could be over-reacting, but it may have perhaps been a subtly clever story-seed being planted.


Now for the attempts to recoup and deal with the repercussions of murder night.

Okay let's break this down in numbers.

1. Michaela desperately deals with it by giving into the pre-nup after spotting the dress for her wedding. How are you going to explain the missing ring gurl?
2. Wes wakes up to a warm Rebecca bringing him coffee and bagels. Oh and he decides to break the USB that caused all the Sam drama. Okay...
3. We return to Connor visiting his true-love, only to later lie to him and say his suffering a drug addiction. Oh, Connor you just keep digging that hole don't you.
4. Laurel goes to Frank's and follows through with the ridding of the trophy, by saying she felt bad for stealing it. Can I just say how resilient she was last night? I think she is the most self-sacrificing and caring one in the group tbh.
5. Annalise behaves stupidly, and makes an emotional call to Sam after sleeping with Nate. WHAT?
6. Asher tries desperately to establish a relationship with Bonnie, but is interrupted by a call from Annalise.

Call the class in... Oh, Oh were in trouble... someone's gonna burst our bubble.

Yes! It was only just a day after and all those involved had to face Annalise, as she called a meeting to note them of a police investigation, looking all emotional and with no make-up yet again.

BUT! In a SHOCK turn of events, Annalise makes a stern look at Wes and we are treated to what actually happened the night Wes went back to get the trophy! Annalise WAS THERE at her desk, and comforted Wes as he apologised. "I'm sorry" Wes said and Annalise responding with "Don't Be"... MIND BLOWN!

So it looks like everything that happened, from the coin-flip to everything Wes did (including the destroyal of the drama-causing USB) was all alongside a plan in which Annalise probably thought out. Was she even somehow watching when Wes made the move to protect Rebecca? 

Who knows. We will have to wait an agonising few months to find out exactly what went down, now with a brand new pair of eyes of knowing Annalise was in on it.

VERDICT: Everything was superbly tied into the flashbacks we got throughout the first half of the season. At first the reveal was a bit underwhelming as high bets already pointed towards Wes doing the deed, while although trying to throw us off by the stair-fall. But those final minutes with Annalise and Wes knocked it out of the park by taking the revealing episode to a whole new level of craziness.

What did you think of the shocker mid-season finale? - Tell us below.

Overall Rating:

- Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Revenge 4x08 "Contact" Review

By: Shahbaz Malik
Father and daughter finally see eye-to-eye, while Demily continues to shine...

The real reunion...

While Emily and David aren't completely as close as they were back in the day, David finally confessed to his daughter what really went down in the time he was away.

Although it's still quite unclear what exactly went down, it finally saw David be warm to his now known to-be daughter, "Remember infinity times infinity" Awww! It finally put to rest our frustrations towards him over always choosing Victoria over his daughter. I mean Emily was acting a bit out of line though, as Victoria (despite her evilness) was in a life-or-death situation. 

But David, we have a right to be mad at you sometimes! I mean the way he got mad at her for wanting to help, and for what she has done to clear his name. She's your daughter, she loves you David. Show a little appreciation!

But, will Daddy forgive her new sins? Emily may have convinced Nolan that she was bent on keeping her father's promise of staying out of his drama, but Emily can't help herself and again proved just how much she loves her Dad by going to extremes of torturing a member she captured from her (swift and random) hospital saving rescue, who has ties to who tried to kill both David and Charlotte.


Gosh, I'm really rooting for Daniel and Emz to get back together now... And this probably has to do with the truth finally being in the open. Daniel really seems to dig the real Emily now, as he can finally see why she even did what she did too him. Plus, knowing that there was indeed a sense of real feelings during the fake relationship has really given him some hope.

Forget Margaux, even though I did like them together at the beginning of the season. For a second, I even thought Louise's fake note made Daniel think it was Emily asking him to join her in the shower (But that's just me being blind over Demily).

Truly, though... Wasn't that balcony scene superb? Both Emily and Daniel are in similar boats when it comes to their parents, with Daniel even pushing her into not giving up on her father (however subtle it may have been). I'm starting to think Charlotte knew what she was doing when she told Daniel, did she really see the spark between the two all along? 

Daniel's struggle with Victoria...

Along with Emily having her own battle with her father, we again saw the damaged relationship between both Daniel and Victoria.

While I was furious at Vic for disconnecting her vital monitoring to interrupt Emily and David's DnM, there was a shred of sympathy for her again as she highlighted why she gave into Conrad's framing of her true love, David Clarke... to protect her children, Daniel and Charlotte! But, most importably Daniel as she told him that she will always choose him.

Daniel of-course didn't buy her words, assuming that it was just a way of savaging the only ties she has left. I still although, have my bets on Vic and Emily eventually befriending each other over their love for David. 

Margaux and Nolan team up?

Oh, Nolan... "Why can't I have normal friends" was probably one of the best quotes we have ever got from the rich and tech-savy best friend of Amanda/Emily. I mean even his best friend is a blood-thirsty revenge seeker. 

He didn't buy Margaux's attempt to bring down his new friend, Louise on the basis of being mentally unstable, as he really just wanted to have a comforting new friend. But Nolan, being the smart lad he is ran for the hills once spotting Louise's creepy little obsessive mother-Vic pic screensaver.

Of-couse his only condition to help out Margaux is too clear his name after David's very public shaming of him. I wonder if the writers are also planning to hook these two up if Demily really does happen again (sorry, I just can't help myself with these two).

Jack's police drama...

Okay, this time Jack's plot was a little better. It probably had to do with him being with a new FBI gal, rather than the typical steamy police locker-room alongside Ben.

Anyway, poor Jack continues to get caught in-between his new career and the Clarke's. Now that Conrad's murder weapon has re-surfaced, the case continues to be investigated. Again, why is Ben so invested in this case?... What is he hiding!

Oh, and WHY, OH WHY are they pursuing the Ben/Emily romance now that we have new DEMILY hope. (Just watch the promo below to see what I'm talking about)

Overall Rating:
- Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC

Late to the party - Sleepy Hollow Recap S1E5

By: Clare Belshaw

And we're back, but with no Jenny.

Instead we have a small boy, a mystery illness and a new horseman to boot. The new horseman is really what interests me. It's clear that Headless is the most important to the story due to his blood connection with Ichabod, as well as being the one most well set up.

I think then way it's meant to work is that he is the only of the four to be physically in the real world while the others can still influence it.

Pestilence unfortunately looks like he wondered off the the Mongolian set from Night at the Museum It's a pretty forgettable design to go with a pretty forgettable entrance.

However we do get Ichabod fighting with the nightmare that plastic coverings, so there's that. Also, I know I was complaining about it before, but from three episodes of an old corny song to accompany the plot and two now without it... I really do miss it. Come on, surely you could have found an old song about disease or things being contagious.

The young boy who has brought a new plague is apparently even more out of time then Ichabod as he starts speaking middle English. Which sounds much better here then the butchered version my English class attempted.

Ichabod, who studied Middle English at Oxford, obviously, talks to the boy and works out he is from the lost colony of Roanoke. The first British colony in America which mysteriously vanished. Abbie and Ichabod head into the forest to find it, and I love how Abbie is growing more and more accepting of the strangeness but still maintaining a healthy uncertainty about things that are so beyond her world.

Ichabod tracks the boys footsteps because he knows how to track from Fox Hunting, because of course he does. Ichabod is a slightly more realistic version of Hugh Jackman from Kate & Leopold, the handsome aristocratic progressive man from the past. The only things missing is for Ichabod to also have taken cooking courses in Oxford and to go into battle with Abbie on a white horse.

Pictured: The most egregious example of wish fulfilment ever.

Abbie and Ichabod find their way to Roanoke, which has been hiding within time in the forests around Sleepy Hollow. Next episode, they find that the lost city of Atlantis has been hiding within the Sleepy Hollow wishing well.

It appears as though the supernatural trappings of the town have been keeping the people safe from dying of the plague they are infected with. But Thomas (the little boy) brought it with him when he ventured outside, and if he isn't brought back to Roanoke the disease will spread and the Horseman of Pestilence will be released. I'm not sure of what counts as 'spread', is there a quota of people who have to die, I mean at least one person has died from it (in wonderfully gruesome fashion), does the horseman need to wait for Thomas to die?

Oh No Ichabod is sick! I'm not overly worried because... protagonist.

However this does mean that the burden of discovering the solution falls entirely on Abbie who is still struggling with not dealing with physical evidence. She ends up in the hospital, praying for a sign, but anyone who knows about God in media knows that's not how he rolls.

Indirect is the way of the Lord, and Abbie sees a priest with his Holy Water and realises that the water of Roanoke might be the way to heal them. Even more amazingly she convinces Irving to let her take Ichaod and Thomas out of the hospital (with a cleaver little bit of subterfuge), with a hit of adrenaline Ichabod and Abbie make it to Roanoke with the Horseman hot on their heels. The day is saved and the spirits of Roanoke pass on with Pestilence being defeated for the time being.

Abbie and Ichabod share a moment and the Headless Horseman is teased to finally return... but why was he in the river? I know his coffin was originally placed down there but does he need to go down there to sleep or something? Or did he drop his house keys?

Next week... Jenny? Please?

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 7 “Do You Remember the First Time?” Recap

By: Jess Thomas

It’s a new week, with new dramas, but hardly any answers!  Will an episode of season 6 ever make sense? Full of suspense, Damon pining over Elena and more frustrations than ever we’re essentially left in the same position as last week, wondering;  will Damon and Elena ever work out?, Will Bonnie come back? And what are Caroline and Stefan even doing?

Here are the things you need to know!

The New Love Triangle
Elena + Damon? Or Elena + Liam?
Which is your new favourite ship? & who will sink?

The door is finally opened and the happy reunion we were all hoping for was just wishful thinking, Alaric’s super compulsion still holds up as long as he is alive and breathing. A hopeful Damon asks his lost love what she remembers of him, her response: “I remember pain…. I don’t remember us” ouch!. Poor Damon is left with his heart staked in the name of love once again; the poor guy is lost and resorts to stalking Elena the rest of the episode.
Elena isn’t as concerned for the past, she’s living in the present - she’s got a new guy on the scene; her and Liam are getting kind of serious. But as their relationship blossoms, so does Liam’s suspicions.

Liam’s getting suspicious
We might not be in Mystic Falls anymore but that doesn’t mean our vampires are safe from curious minds. Remember how Elena let her good nature get the best of her and she saved a lost cause in the cornfield?

Well Liam is too smart to accept that Elena is that good of a med student and begins with crazy “super soldier” theories. He discovers that the girl not only left that night with nothing but a scratch and now a previous injury also miraculously disappeared. Oh Elena, how are you going to talk yourself out of this one?

Tripp Trips up Again
Just when we thought that Tripp was home free after his clever self-security plan of kidnapping Caroline’s mum to assure his life, Enzo is one step ahead. Taking two steps into Mystic Falls was enough to finish off Tripp after a crafty Enzo turned him while he was locked up. Who will continue the vampire hunting now?

We can all breathe easier, Bonnie is alive! (Sort of)
The most suspenseful part of this week’s episode by far we see Bonnie bleeding out, barely breathing running off to save her own life. She was so close too, so close to returning home to her friends but once again, Kai can never stay down and the ascendant can never stay whole.

Once again the selfless hero of this entire show, Bonnie refuses to let Kai leave his personal prison and manages to drain her own magic into another, her precious bear and transports it through the eclipse. This act once again leaves Bonnie without magic and stuck in 1994, possibly forever.

Damon’s lost hope
Just when we thought they might be able to work it out as they set off on a Love Scavenger hunt to try and bring back her memories, they come up short… just outside the border, where they last said “I love you”. Elena then stupidly walks across the border to Mystic Falls in hopes of stripping the compulsion, Damon pulls her back: saving her life. The bits and pieces she gained weren’t enough to salvage their epic love and Damon does the unthinkable… He lets her go, he walks away from their maybe relationship to allow her to be truly happy in this new life she’s created.

Damon also finds a fuzzy friend, which is probably the only thing stopping him from turning off his emotions.

Episode Rating:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Film Review)

By: Shahbaz Malik
The Hunger Games takes a step out of the games, and into a full blown revolution...

While I was a little worried that the least popular novel (just ask any THG fan) of The Hunger Games would turn out just like the book (let alone that it has been dragged out into two equal parts), but I'm happy to say that it has certainly translated triumphantly from page-to-screen and has actually turned my thoughts around on the final book.

It really steps up the revolutionary and dystopian theme, something which was a little more subtle in previous films. This is no longer the games, as the stakes have been raised to an all time devastating and life-threatening high within the society of the film.

Jennifer Lawrence is again amazing as Katniss here, as she channels all the right emotions by embracing the new Katniss as a symbol of hope and rebellion. Also Liam Hemsworth (Gale) has a beefed up-role in this one as he takes over typical Peeta romantic screen-time, while Willow Shields (Prim) also gets to shine a little more in this instalment as she comforts her sister through the horrific ordeals she has faced. Elizabeth Banks brings the humour again to an otherwise grim instalment and surprises in the growth of her crazy character, Effie Trinket.

Newcomers Julianne Moore as President Coin is superb, as she truly evolves into an almost unrecognisable leader, that at time clashes with Katniss.  Natalie Dormer (Game of Thrones) also proves a nice addition as her rebel team member and media savvy reporter on Katniss's rebellion campaign.

Its certainly got a different vibe to it, as visuals fit into the war-torn rubbled dystopian world than the greenery or beach landscapes in previous instalments. Soundtrack-wise, Lorde provides for a stunning end credits song, "Yellow Flicker Beat" alongside the usual THG themed score. We also get to hear Jennifer Lawrence show off her vocals in one scene (something Jen Law revealed to be the most embarrassing and hardest moments to film) and their actually quite great! But never fear, you musical-film haters as it's no Les Miserables musical ensemble film.

In terms of following from previous instalments, Catching Fire flows quite well between the two and I'd actually recommend watching it beforehand as it takes a bit of adjusting to catch-up on previous events. Oh and be warned, the split is gonna drive fans and new audiences alike mad... kinda like Harry Potter did in its time, when Voldemort stole the Elder Wand.

VERDICT: Another powerfully strong and faithful adaption for The Hunger Games series, which this time around adds and improves on its original source material.

Overall Rating:

- Shahbaz Malik

Image: Lionsgate

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Arrow Season 3 Episode 6 'Guilty' Recap

By: Clare Belshaw

They really seem to be setting it up that Roy killed Sarah, it will be interesting to see what they do with that

So Team Arrow is going to break up a drug shipment, with Roy still being way to distracted, however someone else already beat them to this. Gangsters murdered in a horrible fashion? Is this episode the return of Huntress? Are they finally going to make her an interesting relatable character?

No? Damn it!

In the past we see Ollie doing some secret thing for Waller, and really I just can't seem to care about this past staff. The island was very interesting and there was always the undercurrent of danger, I'm not sure if Ollie just gave up on his situation too easily or if we needed to see some actual danger for Maseo's family. I mean I don't doubt Amanda Waller would actually hurt them if needed, doing anything to achieve the goal is kinda her main character trait; but we need to feel that danger and tension and we just don't.

Back in the present Roy is probably doing the smartest thing he can which is get Felicity to give him a blood test in case there was some Mirarkuru left there. Laurel seems to be moving into a more advanced kind of training, yay! (I've seen the pictures of her as Black Canary and I love them, though I still really miss Sarah because she had some levity despite how dark her past had been)

Ollie is hunting down the missing gang member and finds him strung up with the word 'Guilty' beside him; but it turns out this is WildCats gym. He has an alibi as he was out having dinner with Laurel, despite this Ollie clearly doesn't trust him. Oooh lord, this is one of those episodes, one of the episodes where Ollie knows all even though it's clear to the audience he's both blinded by emotion and more then a it of a hypocrite.

Felicity tell's Roy that his blood is clear and he explains about the dreams he's been having. Felicity looks understandably concerned. Cut back to Wildcat's gym where the police are there, why is everyone on Laurels case for working out? I understand they are concerned she will follow in Sarah's footsteps and become a vigilante. But, you do remember she had been taking self defence for years due to the fact her father was a cop? Hell she at one point was captured by a serial killer because of her father, and has been in danger all the time because of Ollie. WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT HER TO BE ABLE TO DEFEND HERSELF?

Anyway, rant over and Laurel goes to speak to Oliver who is apparently just hanging outside? Also, there is one extra she walks past who I reckon is behind the killing. Seriously, there's this red head in a leather jacket who watches Laurel walk past and basically STARES INTO THE CAMERA (so many cap's lock this re-cap). Either she is important or the worlds worst extra ever.

Ollie tells her to stay away from Wildcat because... because he's super jealous and really insecure. I'm not even going to pretend there is a different reason.

Within the flash back we have Ollie trying to remember is he saw his target drop some information, again I don't care, this is clearly only there so that whatever trick he uses to remember can be used to help Roy remember whether or not he really killed Sarah.

So it looks as though Wildcat was a vigilante back in the day, and here we get to have Ollie being  hypocrite because only him or people chosen by him can take up the mantel of a vigilante.Well to be fair Ollie does believe Wildcat did kill one of the people he went after, which is totally different to Ollie who only deliberately killed multiple people.

They did this a lot in season one, having characters just swap from the consistent arc so that the episode can have tension. I had thought they'd grown out of it.

Felicity then starts to talk to Roy about some of the problems she's been having rectifying, namely that the angle of the arrow would suggest either a very short archer or that the arrows had been thrown, just like his dream.

Ollie and Wildcat are chasing down a lead when the real killer shows up and gets away, the police then show up somehow and arrest Wildcat... did Ollie call them? Why, that makes no sense? Is he really so blinded by the fact that Laurel might be involved?

Laurel rightly chews him out for this and they all go into the Quiver.

Thanks Harley!

Tensions are high and Roy decides now is the time to say he killed Sarah. Nobody knows how to react. Laurel pulls herself together and goes to get Wildcat out of prison. Dig and Ollie talk about what to do with Roy and I gotta say 'cut him loose'?? WHAT? Are you high Diggle? If Roy could possibly experience Murikuru episodes, how close he is to Ollie is not going to impact whether or not he kills someone just whether or not Ollie is there to stop him. Why is everyone being stupid this episode!?

It turns out Wildcat had his own apprentice boy wonder, who got overzealous one day and killed someone. Wildcat cut him loose, and as soon as Wildcat and Laurel are out of the police station he is there to capture them. Apparently when he was cut loose the gang whose member had died caught him and horribly tortured him. I understand they are doing a foil character for Roy, however Ollie hasn't given any indication that he is actually going to cut him loose; perhaps it's for Laurel. Trying to help her understand that vengeance isn't black and white.

After a tense action scene and a car chase Roy defeats the villain and Laurel shows some decision making. Ollie is going to keep Roy and helps him remember what happened; and it's ok! He didn't kill Sarah, he was just remembering that killed a police officer. 

Then it's ok, I guess? Roy at the very least is still incredibly upset about this.

Laurel is also going to keep training despite Ollie trying to be a controlling ass-hole. Asking Wildcat to train her to be a vigilant so that she can avenge her sisters death. Wait? At this point she doesn't still think Roy did it? Is she planning on trying to kill Roy or has she been told the killer is still out there? Also wouldn't a better ending be her going 'I want to make sure her killer is brought to Justice?' Or 'I don't want killers left on the streets?' Or just something more... hero-ish?

Oh snap! We have a new archer in town, who introduces herself as... and I'm not kidding.

'I'm cupid, stupid.'

Hahahahaha. I love this, I know it's stupid but I love this. More comic weirdness! Wait... wait! Is she the extra I saw earlier. *goes back to check episode* Oh yeah! I knew she has an air of 'main character' about her. And that she was watching Laurel makes sense... for those of you who are unaware of Cupid's motivation, this picture will give you some idea.

She's basically the DC universe's version of this:

Now, I believe that Arrow is setting her up as another red herring. But if she is actually the person who killed Sarah, then I will be so annoyed cause that is most definitely refrigerating her. (look up Women in Refrigerators if you don't understand the reference)

The Veronicas - 'The Veronicas' (Album Review)

By: Shahbaz Malik
After years of waiting, The Veronicas have finally graced us with their amazing third studio album...

After troubled waters with record labels, The Veronicas have finally put-forth their long-awaited self-titled album.

Originally titled 'Life of On Mars', the girls ran into so many hurdles with LA based label Warner Music. But the girls had finally had enough and left, after they were constantly pushed back from trying to release new music. They then returned to Australia and the heavens welcomed them back with open arms as Sony Music Australia took them under their wing. YAY!

The twins also managed to secure three weeks at 1# with "You Ruin Me", a risky but beautiful emotional first single and is now currently charting very well in the UK!

See Warner... look what you missed out on.

Anyway enough label drama talk, let's talk about this stunning new album!

The girls really have evolved and stepped into more mature boots since their previous record, "Hook Me Up" (released in 2007). Stand-outs include "More Like Me", which is a perfect smasher hit waiting to happen, along with "Cold" being a cleverly and playfully written track with yes, embodies angry and cold verse that particularly deal with relationship errors, and emotional trauma. This emotional channeling also must be noted on "Born Bob Dylan", where the girls touch on feelings alongside a guitar stringed stripped-back sound. It's everything as to why we fell in love with the girls, as they truly get into the deep exploration of emotional waves we often go through in life, love and loss.

In terms of the gals popping tune flavour, just announced second single "If You Love Someone" is likely to be the next summer jam down-under, and has the potential to crack into the U.S. market. While it's a bit cheesy lyric-wise, it's a fun filled popper that gets you into a anthematic happy love-bird kinda mood.

Oh and finally, "Did You Miss Me" is also a great nod to when the Origliasso twins decided to go by then band-name, Veronicas! It kind of channels their old album "Hook Me Up" with it dark electro-pop style, and fits perfectly with their long haul to make a comeback.

Best Tracks: Cruel, Cold, Line of Fire, More Like Me, Did You Miss Me, Born Bob Dylan, You Ruin Me, If You Love Someone.

VERDICT:  A perfect showcase of a comeback album, or as The Veronicas like to call it..a "rebirth."

While they ooze a new re-birthed mature sound here, the girls somehow manage to maintain true to their roots in a vast combination of emotional ballads, a blend of pop, electro, rock and all that in-between. They aren't afraid of taking risks and being experimental too, just look at the success of "You Ruin Me".

See risks truly do pay-off sometimes!

Overall Rating:

The Veronicas is currently available to stream on iTunes Radio in Australia, and will be available to purchase on November 21st. 

UK Fans: You'll although have to wait till February 21st, 2015.

- Shahbaz Malik

Friday, November 14, 2014

LISTEN: Major Lazer Teams Up With Ariana Grande For Mockingjay Track "All My Love"

By: Shahbaz Malik
Ariana Grande goes indie-electro on new track with Major Lazer...

The hotly anticipated track from Ariana Grande, alongside Major Lazer's production is finally here!

Lorde also had a hand in helping pen the track and I must say, the track is superb. It brings something different to Ariana's amazing vocals.

Take a listen to the track below:

- Shahbaz Malik.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

WATCH: Divergent Series: Insurgent (2015) Teaser Trailer Is Here And It's Hella Confusing!

By: Shahbaz Malik
The follow-up to Divergent is not too far away,  so here is the first-ever teaser look at the anticipated sequel...

Insurgent is the sequel to the hit teen flick Divergent,  based on the popular novels by Veronica Roth. It's yet another series apart of the current teen craze of dystopian teen franchises such as The Hunger Games and The Giver.

It's directed by Robert Schwentke, and revolves around Beatrice Prior (Shailene Woodley) confronting her inner demons whilst fighting against a powerful alliance that threatens to tear her society apart.

The trailer although is very hush-hush, and kind of confusing as it reveals a illusion-lime scene that touches nothing on what the film or plot has to offer, looking as if it serves more as a clip rather than teaser trailer. But perhaps that was what they were going for?

Fans have also reacted to the trailer with disappointment, as the scene depicted in the trailer was not in the original source material.

Watch the strange little teaser below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Image: Summit Entertainment

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Faking It (2014) - Season One Review

By: Shahbaz Malik
MTV has created one of the most deep and quirky sexual-identity exploring teen comedies yet...
Faking It is currently probably one of the best shows on MTV right now, as the show goes all out and deals with the complexities of sexuality. In that it is indeed, neither black or white.

But in typical teeny fashion.. while it's very real and current, it is sometimes extremely over-the-top. I mean a whole school that accepts you if your different, but not if your just plain ordinary. I mean that'll be awesome and all, but where is equality for the deemed-ordinary? 

In a desperate attempt to fit-in and be unique, two (supposedly) ordinary BFF's Amy (Rita Volk) & Karma (Katie Stevens) pretend to be lesbian lovers... 

Everything although goes awry as Amy actually discovers that she really does have feelings for Karma... but straight-Karma is although head over heels for playboy of the school, Liam Booker (Disney channel alumn, Gregg Sulkin) .. yes how typical of a high-school drama. Other major characters who get caught up in the ridiculously kind-of believable facade is Amy's soon to be evil step-sister Lauren (Bailey De Young), and Liam's flamboyant best-friend Shane (played by GBF's Michael J. Willett) who truly brings the humour and along the way sway the drama.

Yes, it's completely unrealistic... but what makes it work so well is the show's aim to tackle the evolution of modern society. The struggle to stand-out and be special and how we often tend to   focus on labelling individuals, rather than looking beyond silly stereotypes. 

Sexuality is a pretty confusing concept, that can surprise and push us in ways like no other which make Amy one of the most intriguing elements of the show. From touching and testing religion (yes, Amy's mother and stepfather are devoted Christians), to the difficulties of falling in love with your same-sex best friend.  There's also tons of same-sex lip-locks, which highlights Faking It stepping up the game when it comes to MTV teen comedies/dramas. Although I must say, the strong censorship on coarse language, and fuzzed out nudity sometimes gets kind of annoying... But I guess it's necessary when catering to the channel's younger fan-base.

Season one only contains eight episodes, while season 2 is currently in the midst of airing on MTV.. So start getting hooked peeps! 

VERDICT: A refreshing new take on difference and sexuality that challenges existing societal label conceptions, while also maintaining a distinct sense of adolescent cheesiness and fluff.


- Shahbaz Malik