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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Revenge Season 4 Episode 14 "Kindred" Review

By: Shahbaz Malik
The dust settles as new plot-lines move forward on this week's Revenge.

Revenge came of its action high this week, planting the seeds for the rest of the season ...

A relaunched vendetta?... Victoria went back to dealing with her elitist group of friends as she attempted to launch her Daniel Grayson foundation, which gave viewers a glimpse at her assumed new enemy, Natalie Waters (played by Suits Gina Torres) but will she have more than one enemy to deal with when the show returns?

Upon the final minutes of the episode, viewers were given another shock death (this time off-screen) notifying Victoria that there has been a death in the family. There are two likely victims here as were running short on Grayson's: either Charlotte or Victoria's other non-Grayson son, Patrick.

Taking cues from the phone call, it's likely Charlotte (hopefully not though, as i'm kind of missing her) - who possibly couldn't deal with her brothers death and ended her life as she has attempted to do so several times. It could also be some other minor character.. some relatives of Conrad? Or could it possibly be 'bait' (which the next episode is aptly titled) to make Vic go after the Clarke's again..

Grrr, Revenge sure knows how to keep us intrigued.

*Side-note* Why did it take me till now to realise that David did the same thing Victoria did to Emily when she was child... Tarnish and damage the image of their loved ones.

Margaux takes a breather... With Vic still not hopping aboard Margaux's plan to bring down Emily, Margaux took a backseat. Well she attempted to coy Emily into social embarrassment over dating her father (hilarious!) which led to a icy little confrontation between the two.

BUT then she saw Jack, and for a second there she let go of her doomed-to-fail plan as she bonded with Jack over him telling her Daniel was a hero and that she would be an amazing mother. Are the writers trying to re-ignite something here?

Anyway Margaux has got herself into a bit of a pickle now, as her spy has conveniently scored some evidence in which Jack is talking to Amanda over the Kate Taylor murder... Whatever will she do now?

Jack finally deals with his feelings... Looks like Jack has finally come to the realisation that his still in love with Emily (you took your time didn't you Jack) after seeing Emily happy again with her father.

As we all know, love is a fickle thing (especially in TV drama land) as Emily has given into finding new love in Ben. Timing's a b***h  isn't it Jack?

Nolan & Louise drama settled... Turns out Louise's mum killed her father, and pinned it on Louise by again making her think she was insane (Btw, this plot kinda reminds me of Victoria and her mother way back in that flashback Thanksgiving episode).

Nolan phoned a friend to help bring the truth to light as Emily did some knife-fear technique to help uncover the memories of the night her father was murdered. Emily also managed to help bring back Louise after checking into her old mental clinic after falsely thinking she did indeed kill her father...

In the end Louise and Nolan managed to get the evil mother packing (and her lawyer lover). I still although sense that Louise's brother is innocent and will eventually hookup with Nolan...

Emily finally happy?...  David offered to help Emily become Amanda again, noting that she has nothing left to keep donning the identity. She cleared her father's name and made amends with the Grayson's (well they're all dead, and Victoria has kind of redeemed herself). But how can you abandon an identity you've assumed into for a whole eleven years?

Ben noted that it's easy to lose yourself in a false identity,  it's clear that Amanda has really become Emily Thorne as she is certainly not the same girl that she abandoned years ago. For once, she has actually found peace as Emily after struggling to come back to reality this season which thanks to her father has given her that very realisation.

Episode Rating:

It's a long wait till the next Revenge as the show is on hiatus until March *screams into a teary rage*. To tide you over, watch the promo for return episode"Bait" below:

See you all in March (possibly for the final few episodes ever!)

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Images: ABC

Monday, January 26, 2015

Arrow Season 3 Episode 10 'The Return' Recap

By: Clare Belshaw

Last episode left off with Oliver suffering from a bad case of sword in the chest and myself very excited to see how they handle this; I know enough about the DC Universe to know about the Lazarus pit. The mystical power that allows Ra's to keep coming back again and again. However I had hoped that since it isn't common knowledge among the casual TV audience that they really would try and build up the drama a bit. This episode ends with Oliver having recovered from his case of death and never having any real suspense for the audience about it.

That said the episode is at it's best following team Arrow trying to deal with the possible and then confirmed loss of Oliver. They however keep coming into the office everyday and fighting crime, with Diggle cosplaying as the Arrow *squee*. Arsenal really is killing it, I'm really looking forward to him getting some more attention as a hero, so far his drama has mostly been Thea or super serum related. Are you as excited as I am Roy?

The team however is struggling without Sempai Oliver and they catch one but the other gets away, back at the Quiver, Felicity is unwilling to discuss the possibility that Oliver is dead. Which is understandable, she has thought he's been dead a few times and he's come back, whereas the ever practical Diggle knows the odds are against him.

We also flashback to Hong Kong where the boys want to rescue Katana, Waller wants to stop bio terrorism... or use bio terrorism... it's always hard to tell when it comes to the Wall.

Ray Palmer is testing some of his tech, it's going the boring kind of bad rather than the blow up your office kind of bad so I guess that's a good thing. Felicity is feeling incredibly uncomfortable about helping another friend go into danger.

Laurel's in the court room kicking ass! I really would like a bit more on Laurel's day job, something I think we'll be getting less of the closer she gets to her night job. Although... I think that might just be a different show.

Team *missing* Arrow has tracked down the big bad of the episode... and oh my god it's VINNIE!! I love you Vinnie! Even if you do scare me a little.

And here we get into the problem of the episode, we see the corpse of Oliver and someone walking towards it; straight away we know  the Oliver is going to be back and back soon. Come on show, the ending was so strong, don't ruin it, leave us in some suspense.

Vinnie Jones (a.k.a Brick) doesn't take too kindly to people getting the police involved and the one who got away ends up a little worse for ware. Diggle finds a clue hidden around the remains. In the mean time it is revealed that the Quiver is really easy to break into. Merlyn is checking up to see if Oliver is alive, as Thea is getting very concerned that her brother hasn't come home. Felicity is adamant that he must still be alive. Malcom goes off, finds the sword the killed Oliver and makes it back... apparently within the hour. So I guess it turns out that all this time it was actually Merlyn who was the Reverse Flash.

Thea asks Roy to check in with the Arrow if he's seen Oliver, having realised that Roy is the guy in the red hood. Yay for having someone recognise the obvious, seriously cause I watched Sailor Moon I always expect everyone to have face blindness.

Felicity is done with team Arrow, but when they find out Brick's plan involve releasing every criminal Arrow placed away since he stopped Slade. Felicity may not want to stay in the team but she isn't going to let Oliver's efforts get washed away. However when Diggle and Arsenal get in a fist fight with Brick in a truck Felicity closes the gate, letting Brick escape and ensuring her friends don't get hurt. This also promotes her to tell Ray she won't help him become a vigilante because she doesn't want to see another friend die.

Diggle breaks the news to Thea about Oliver and clearly she is still concerned about what happens to Starling City if Team Arrow doesn't fight anymore. And oh! OH! Is it time? Yes it is! Time for the unveil of the new Black Canary!

Although I still miss Sara a lot.

If only there was some way to bring her back... in fact why the hell didn't I pick up on that earlier? Sara is the lover of not Talia, why didn't not Talia take her body back and pull a Lazarus? Well because it turns out it isn't Ra's who is bringing people back to life but Katana (who is not dead *yay*). This is an interesting change from the source material and I can't really see a reason for it yet as we know Ra's is too old for what he looks like so some form of magic has to be going on there.

Let's hope we find out why next week.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Must-Listen: Tove Lo's Raunchy New Hit "Talking Body"

By: Shahbaz Malik
Swedish hit-maker, Tove Lo delivers yet another pop smasher...

"Talking Body" marks the third single off "Habits" songstress, Tove Lo's debut album 'Queen Of The Clouds'.

It's such a catchy and naughty little jam - "If you love me right, we f**k for life."

Tove certainly has a good team behind her for making this jam (which I've had on repeat since hearing the album back in September last year) a single. A move that is already paying off, with the song already being a top 40 hit in the US!

And of course since it's a single fans have been treated to a cleverly filmed music video. The video portrays Tove in a fast-paced room-changing video, as she follows her criminal lover throughout clubs and strip clubs.

While Tove teased the video as being just as explicit as the song, the video is considerably tame in nature.

Watch the raunchy track's music video below: 

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Image: Island

Saturday, January 24, 2015

WATCH: Zara Larsson Debuts US Single "Uncover" (Music Video)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Swedish newcomer, Zara debuts the US music video for debut single.

Zara Larsson is stepping into the limelight as January marks the beginning of her journey to cracking the US music market.

First up is Zara's signature and beautiful ballad, "Uncover" (which features on her first US EP of the same name) in which she touches on a secret relationship. 

Keeping with promoting the single, the 17-year old songstress has now debuted the official music video (which is conveniently shot in New York City!).

Big things seem to be in the works for this young talent, as it was recently revealed via social media that she is working on something huge with Dutch DJ and music producer, Afrojack!

Watch the debut music video below:

Get Zara's new EP 'Uncover' on iTunes.
Also check out our review on her debut album!

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Image: Epic Records

Friday, January 23, 2015

WATCH: Ellie Goulding - "Love Me Like You Do" (Music Video)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Ellie drops music video for Fifty Shades Of Grey inspired single...

Ellie served one of the catchiest pop anthem for 2015 for the upcoming film of pop culture hit, Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Keeping with the success of the song, Ellie has managed to debut the music video just in time before the romantic flick's release in February.

The video is just as perfect as the single, and draws inspiration from Ed Sheeran's ballroom dance video for "Thinking Out Loud", except much more tame as it uses quite a few exclusive film clips from which the song was written for.

Watch the sensual music video below:

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Image: Polydor

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

WATCH: G.R.L. – “Lighthouse” (Music Video)

By: Nathan Bertao

New G.R.L. single is dedicated to the late Simone Battle

In September 2014, girl group G.R.L. was torn apart as member Simone Battle tragically took her own life, following a long battle with depression. While there is no doubt that the last few months have been extremely difficult for the four remaining girls, they have been working hard to pay tribute to their dear friend in the best way possible.

“Lighthouse” is a beautiful track about remaining strong, and being there for friends through difficult times.  Mixed with the always-memorable production by Dr Luke, it may be on its way to being G.R.L.’s biggest track yet. It certainly deserves to be. The track is more real and genuine than most of the songs charting right now.

If the lyrics were somehow unable to make you emotional, the music video most certainly will. Entirely dedicated to Simone, it features clips and images of her childhood and life, particularly the many enjoyable moments spent with her fellow bandmates. In between these, the four girls can be seen singing, clearly heartbroken by their sudden loss.

The music video concludes with an important and appropriate message dedicated to anyone who is battling depression:

If you or someone you know is suffering, please visit GRLGivesAnHour.org

No doubt Simone would not only be thankful, but proud. R.I.P Simone, you will be missed.

Watch the must see video below:

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Image Credit: RCA Records

LISTEN: Fifth Harmony Unveil Pop-Banger "Worth It"

By: Shahbaz Malik
Fifth Harmony release hot new track, straight off of upcoming debut album 'Reflection'

Fifth Harmony continue to impress with their pop jams, with yet another song being unveiled off the much-delayed debut album 'Reflection'.

Simon Cowell knew what he was doing when putting these talented gals together on USA edition of The X Factor (the season with Britney Spears & Demi Lovato), and it certainly shows on "Worth It".

"Worth It" has a Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty" flavour... except it's a whole lot better! Sorry, not sorry Jason...

 Listen to the club banger below:

M101 Track Rating: 4.5/5

'Reflection' will finally be available to listen and purchase this February!

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Image: Epic

Revenge Season 4 Episode 13 "Abduction" Review

By: Shahbaz Malik
Revenge goes action-thriller...
Talk about a nail-biting episode!

Let's dissect the night's events:

Victoria and Emily unite... Who would have thought Victoria actually fear for Emily's life?!

Yes, the episode began with her blaming her once again but ended with her coming to Ems rescue. You all know how long i've been rooting for these two to put their differences aside *giddily jumps around*

Firstly, I knew right away that both Emily and Victoria were working together on the Jack/David plan. Then BOOM! David showed up and Malcolm snuffed out that his daughter was indeed dead, vowing to make David suffer the same with his daughter.

Then everything turned into a nail-biting fight to the death, as not one fave were at risk but four (five, counting newcomer Ben) as David was shot in the leg, Jack and Ben fighting Malcolm's henchman while Emily was brutally attacked by Malcolm (while Victoria tried to desperately to help out *shock face*) in which Vic came to the rescue and falsely confessed that she killed Kate (or as she put it, killed the "bitch").

From threatening to burn David's loved ones to chocking Victoria, Malcolm is defintley the most violent man we have ever seen on the ABC drama!

Anyway, by the end of it Emily nearly incinerated after being hit by a pole (in which Victoria yelled to warn Emily, btw) which led to the eventual six-time shooting from David that made Malcolm Black turn into blackened ashes after entering the very fiery pit he intended for Emily! Bye Bye.

David/Jack & Ben team up! Now that Ben knows Emily is Amanda, he has finally become likeable and enjoyable as Jack's cop buddy (when I couldn't stand them earlier in the season, over the yawn inducing change-room chats) as he proved an asset to David and Jack to recover Emily & Vic.

Jack and David seem to also have a father-and-son kind of relationship, in that Jack always ends up proving that his capable of taking care of a situation as David continually brushed off his advice earlier in the episode. If the lover-endgame is truly Emily & Jack, then David would perfectly fit into being David's nagging father-in-law.

But if Ben is to be Emily's new love though, they do now seem to share a connection as the closing of the episode saw him share a similarity of having to take on another identity. Ben's certainly got some skeletons in his closet, and perhaps it has to do with the upcoming *spoiler* arrival of his ex-wife.

Nolan proposes a new way to take down Louise's mum... While Emily has dealt with pretty much everyone who has mistreated her, Louise continues to be tormented by her mother (who is such a biatch).

I don't buy her mother's statement that Louise killed her father (I mean she's still grieving over how much she loved him) and think it's yet another attempt to make her think she's a fruitloop. I can't wait to see this woman get served!

I'm still running on the belief that Lyman is actually innocent in all of this, and will eventually become Nolan's future boyfriend. I mean I like Louise and Nolan together, except they seem to share a chemistry just as friends (it feels kind of strange when they pretend to be flirtatious). Only time will tell as the wedding goes forward...

Victoria lets go of David.. While Emily and Vic were locked up together, truths came out as Emily revealed that her father intended to murder her. Shockingly, Victoria acted humbly and wished David and Emily well after going though the ordeal they just faced.

Her path now is redemption as she's come to the realisation of her sins towards the Clarke's. All that's left for Vic now is her son's child (and her other son Patrick who is busy with his artsy new life while Charlotte [who i'm missing quite a bit right now] continues to recover in her never-ending rehabilitation).

Margaux begins her own revenge... This was kind of an anti-climatic end, I just can't take Margaux seriously as a villain.  I mean a pregnant bad gal?

I don't see this storyline lasting, perhaps Jack will come to the rescue and put an end to her ridiculous exposé. If Victoria thinks it's ridiculous (who takes the cake for being the most over-the-top when it comes to Emily) then it certainly is not worth it. But if this is indeed the last season, something needs to carry it forward.

Overall Rating:

It's yet another faux wedding! Watch the promo for next week's episode, "Kindred":

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Images: ABC

Friday, January 16, 2015

Eye Candy - Series Premiere (Review)

By: Shahbaz Malik
MTV brings about another promising new scripted drama...

Welcome to Eye Candy! A brand new MTV series featuring Nickelodeon alumn Victoria Justice.

If you missed or got a little lost in the premiere, here's a run-down on everything to take note off:

A dark past... Not only has the main character, Lindy (Victoria Justice) already lost her parents but in the opening scenes of the show we see her conflicted relationship with her sister take a turn for the worst as she is abruptly abducted at a drive-thru.

While the kidnapping scene was quite unrealistic - I mean getting stuck in between two poles and having to jump out the window to save her sister is pushing it. But with this new MTV show, disbelief should be left at the door as it is simply unrealistic at times despite addressing the curren influx of dating apps.

Friendly introductions... The pilot does a good job of accustoming viewers with a new bunch of characters, with relatively unknown cast members (minus Justice).

Firstly is her co-worker, George who helps her conduct technological investigations at work in hopes of someday finding her abducted sister (who is most likely alive). Then we have two close friends, Sophie & Connor (Connor is although best friend of her roommate and doesn't particularly call Lindy a friend) while Sophie is her closest friend and roommate.

Then comes the love triangle, two who just so happen to be detectives (told you dispel belief a bit with this show), we'll get back to the love story later though.

Dating goes awry...  Before the opening credits roll in, viewers are shown a romantic date that goes horribly wrong. From here, it is clear that the show is addressing the current risks of online dating.

Lindy, who then conducts an investigation into learning what happened to the missing girl ends up coming back to bite her when best friend, Sophie sets up a profile on a popular dating app (think Tinder).

Becoming the next target for the crazed mass murderer, Lindy then becomes stalked and watched by the menacing psycho (think Sorority Row, I Know What You Did Last Summer mixed with Pretty Little Liars).

Determined to find who's behind the attacks, Lindy begins retracing her matches from the app, thinking that the culprit was one of her dates. Senses tell me though that none of them are involved, while someone close to her is attacking her.

Shock death, and its just the pilot? Now this is where the love story comes into play, as her detective lover Ben (who Lindy has just reignited with) and protected ends up in the cross-fire due to a false video depicting her best friend in trouble. He is then murdered as the episode comes to a close, proving that the show isn't afraid to shock and is no Pretty Little Liar kinda show.

The big mystery... Get your theory caps on now TV lovers, as we have embarked on yet another mystery whodunnit. Who is the killer? Where is Lindy's sister & Why is she being targeted?

Suspicions so far - Her best friend, Sophie or detective no. 2, Tommy who miraculously came to help Lindy when discovering Ben's dead body.

VERDICT: A promising start to a potentially great new drama/mystery despite its sometimes over-the-top depictions of events.

Overall Rating:

Get excited for episode 2, "BRB" with the official promo below:

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Image: MTV

Annabelle (2014) Movie Review - That Aint no Barbie Doll!

By: Maggie Doonan

Not since Chucky has a doll been so terrifying. And Annabelle needs no walking, talking or cleaver to make a viewer clutch at the couch in the throes of feargasms. That’s right, I said feargasms. No, it’s not technically a word. Yet.

Annabelle is a vintage doll given as a gift from a husband to his collector wife. Amongst the woman’s countless other dolls, Annabelle stands out as an undeniably creepy creation from the moment she appears. Then the doll is infected with the spirit of a satanic cultist and all bets are off. Creep factor is through the roof and nasty paranormal activity fills the couple’s house and proceeds to destroy their lives.

The director, John R. Leonetti, does an excellent job of immediately establishing and maintaining tension throughout the movie, creating a truly terrifying atmosphere using classic horror techniques: sharp soundtrack, silences, shadows and toying with the unknown. The well-tested tactic of turning a symbol of innocence (the doll) and a setting which usually represents safety (the home) into a malicious entity and a space filled with fear, pain and monsters, is employed expertly by Leonetti, proving once again that the familiar is far more powerful than any ‘spooky’ alternative (such as an insane asylum or abandoned warehouse) can be.

And a chicken nugget to those viewers who have followed the Insidious films: Leonetti, the director of the first Insidious, has incorporate elements of intertextuality. Viewers may feel a sense of recognition when seeing Annabelle for the first time. This would be because she features in the Insidious stories as the mysterious doll locked within a glass box with a warning to never be removed. As a viewer who loves a bit of crossover between narratives, this was a fantastic touch, adding depth to the worlds of Insidious and Annabelle and giving the impression of a much larger story unfolding.

Overall, Annabelle was terrifying, but far from cheap thrills. Annabelle gets under the viewer’s skin and sticks around, unsettling a viewer well after the credits roll.

4 out of 5 stars.  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Agent Carter 1x02 ‘Bridge and Tunnel’ Recap

By: Stephanie Paglia
Let’s take a look back at what happened on the second episode of Agent Carter!

*Beware of Spoilers*

Episode 2 opens with a radio program mimicking the ‘damsel in distress’ story trope, with Captain America the hero of the tale.  The very meta program is cleverly entwined throughout the episode alongside Carter’s action packed scenes, challenging gender roles and putting the Agent in position of ‘hero’.  She really is the hero we’ve all been waiting for.

Carter’s obvious disgust at the program is backed up in her buddying friendship with Angie the diner waitress, who discusses Carter’s plans to find another apartment with her. These seemingly commonplace scenes between the action act as a successful attempt to normalise Carter as ‘just like other girls’ in the New York setting, and frankly it’s a pleasure to watch.

Now, back to the promised action.  Here’s a run down:

In the first episode we see Stark’s stolen molecular nitramine formula come to life with hundreds of bombs hidden in a Dairy Clover milk truck.  Carter’s second undercover mission so far (one for each episode it seems, and a great opportunity for Atwell to show off her American accent) gives her the name of the truck driver, Sheldon McFee, and her next lead.

Meanwhile the detectives go talk to Roxon, the owner of the blown up facility, and discover Vita Rays are involved (again one step behind Carter’s investigation). With Agent Carter’s help they use the Vita Ray detector to test the Roxon employees, when Carter recognises Van Ert from her previous nights investigation and they catch and arrest him (well, Carter does, using her brilliant agent skills of hitting him over the knees with a brief case after he runs off). 

Back at the office Detective Sousa’s analysis of the photographs from the club threatens to blow Carter’s private investigation and provide great suspense throughout the episode.

While the detectives aren’t getting anywhere with their interrogation of Van Ert, Carter and Jarvis make their way to McFee’s house where they find the milk truck full of bombs and the man who double crossed the mysterious Leviathan and stole them; Leet Brannis.

Their attempt to drive the truck back to New York is threatened when the shadowy green suit working for Leviathan intercepts the truck with a mission to take out Brannis and Carter.  Shots between this high speed action on the milk truck and the swing music filled car of detectives slowly making their way to McFee’s house provide humour to the tension and suspense of the fight.

Brannis is shot in the struggle and while Carter and green suit fight on the top of the truck, one of the bombs is detonated, giving them thirty seconds to jump off the truck as it drives into the river and explodes. 

Brannis dies as he draws a sign in the dirt, which appears to be very similar to the Hydra sign, and the detectives finally catch up to the abandoned scene left to figure out what happened. 

A touching scene between Jarvis and Carter brings back the sub plot to normalise the Agent, as he emphasises that she needs people who care about her to support her, reminding Carter that Captain Rodgers relied heavily on her for support.  The talk is obviously effective as Carter decides to move next door to Angie, hopefully making way for a great friendship in episodes to come.

The episode ends on a cliffhanger as Detective Krzeminski finds a clue in the Roxon facility wreckage, a number plate belonging to the car owned by Stark, while the radio program plays in the background.

Bring on episode three!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Revenge Season 4 Episode 12 "Madness" Review

By: Shahbaz Malik
This episode was everything a Revenge fan could ask for.

After the mourning tribute to Daniel last week, the show gets back into gear with maximum impact!

Let's take a full look at this roller-coaster episode:

Emily & Victoria... If your a regular reader you will know by now how much I love when Emily & Victoria are together on-screen (Praise the heavens for giving us Emily VanCamp & Madeline Stowe together in the same show!) and this week's instalment had me all giddy.

Now that the truth is all out between the two, even more truths were brought to the table with Emily finding the letter that put Kate Taylor on to her tail. That was quick!

Of course Victoria responded in a disgusted manner, exclaming with her usual "How dare you"... deep down she knows that she made a mistake by giving that letter away.

What made this scene so memorable though, is the digging up of the show's history of Victoria's questioning of why Emily used her son like a piece of meat and not just leave him out of it. Many fans have also asked the same question, especially last season when Emily damaged Daniel's reignited flame with the woman Daniel got into an accident with.

Speaking of truths, Emily even touched on David's plan to attack her, which was shockingly interrupted by Malcolm Black (who must of overheard their entire conversation) and tranquillised both Victoria and Emily.

I love the fact that both nemesis must make their way out of this one.

Oh and did anyone else get teary seeing Victoria discover the secret stash Daniel kept away! Those just-given birth mother and son photos were well placed in pulling on our heart strings. 

Nemily & Louise family drama... Louise's story finally became more intriguing with the arrival of her brother Lyman! We also got some great screen-time with Nolan & Emily in doing so and actually learned that Louise isn't as crazy as we thought.

In Nolan's takedown, we saw that her family are manipulating her medication - which would of eventually led to her losing her life. It was also the reason why she had those visions of her rude mother!

My senses tell me that we haven't seen the last of her brother just yet, and could the story have tied any perfectly with Emily? - I mean we got to see a compassionate Emily's understanding of her situation and getting rewarded with the discovery of Kate's Emily note. Double payback!

The truth is out again!... Not only did Malcolm unfortunately learn the truth about Amanda, but two others also got in on the big secret - Yep, both Margaux and Ben now know that Emily is Amanda!

For once I command Victoria's actions though as it was putting Margaux's unborn child in danger and making her become an annoyingly angry woman. Ben luckily was there to hold her when she collapsed, with the favour being paid back after overhearing Victoria reveal Emily's secret.

For a minute there, I thought Jack would reignite something with Margaux after hearing of her behaviour from Ben and going over to dish the truth. *Side-note* When we say this episode had everything, we really mean it as we finally got to see baby Carl again (who looks a bit older now) as Black made a subtle threat by visiting Jack right where his son was being cared for *bites nails*.

David is a damaged man... Well the theory swirling around that David is actually evil in disguise can be put to rest as the aptly titled "Madness" gave us insight into what happened right after David was supposedly murdered in jail. David was captured by Black's team soon after being stabbed by season one baddie, "the white haired man" and was forced to conduct gruesome acts to protect his daughter. Reasoning from Black was because he believed that David was a terrorist...

This truly explains David's erratic behaviour since returning - from murdering Conrad, not being father of the year to Emz, plus acting strange with Vic and planning to kill her (which he has now abandoned by, wait for it... his daughter - because we all know Emily ain't no killer!).

Next week Emily & Victoria are forced to work together *fangirl scream* :

Overall Rating:

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Images: ABC