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Saturday, December 20, 2014

WATCH: The Veronicas - "If You Love Someone" (Music Video)

By: Shahbaz Malik
The Veronicas debut a revolutionary-themed music video for their lovetastic new single...

The Veronicas are quite the revolutionary pair of twin sisters, in which you can tell from taking a quick glimpse of their social-media accounts.

Following through with their brave statements, the twins have come through with an inspiring video embodying the messages they hold dear to them for their brand new single "If You Love Someone", off their long awaited self-titled album.

The video is also beautifully shot with an atmospheric and grungy look which actually has us reminiscing over their debut "4Ever" video, only more mature and freedom inspiring.

There's also nods to Sea Shepherd who are a non-profit, marine conservation organization who aim to protect our animal counter-parts, along with a nod to popular alternative media revolutionary Russell Brand!

Love that these girls are all for freedom-thinking and awakening the minds of our generation!

Watch the inspiring video below:

- Shahbaz Malik
Image: Sony Music Australia

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Nicki Minaj – ‘The Pinkprint’ (Album Review)

By: Nathan Bertao
Is Nicki able to maintain the balance between Rap and Pop this time around?

Ever since the mainstream success of “Super Bass” back in 2011, Nicki Minaj’s career has been quite the roller coaster ride. Her following album (2012’s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded) was an effort that showed her competing with the biggest names in Pop and EDM, but in exchange for her respected rap sound and image. Roman Reloaded was re-released (titled The Re-Up) later that year with seven news tracks that proved Nicki can mix pop and rap, and still have the best of both worlds.

Her latest studio album, The Pinkprint, is not the same mix we hoped for. Instead of trying to cater for both groups of fans, Nicki has somewhat alienated her pop fans. The album features many slow-tempo rap songs with weak hooks that may have Pop fans feeling a little drowsy. While it’s easy to see that Nicki has grown lyrically, and is taking a more serious overall approach to this album, we know she has the ability to better utilize them in order to produce songs that are more entertaining (as demonstrated in the album's lead single “Pill n Potions”).

Two of the albums most eagerly awaited tracks include collaborations with artists that Nicki has already worked with this year. The first, “Get on Your Knees”, features vocals from “Bang Bang” collaborator Ariana Grande and lyrics co-written by Katy Perry. The track is a breath of fresh air, as Ariana’s chorus outshines anything else you will hear on the album. The other track, “Feeling Myself”, featuring Beyoncé is quite underwhelming. Maybe expectations were too high, but what we thought would be a huge track with an incredible hook just turned out to be disappointing. Even Beyoncé sounded bored.

The incredibly successful, chart-topping producer Dr Luke produces two of the albums standouts. “The Night is Still Young” and “Trini Dem Girls” (featuring Lunchmoney Lewis) are two obvious future single choices. Both tracks are not too rap, or pop, and would definitely be eaten up by radio stations worldwide, as well as casual music buyers on iTunes.

Verdict: While this is an overall disappointing effort from Nicki, it still isn’t her worst work. The Pinkprint shows a lot of growth when compared to her previous studio album, and is a hell of a lot more consistent. If Nicki just worked a bit harder with her producers and co writers to create hooks that were more memorable, she may just be able to please all of her fans.

Overall Rating:

The Pinkprint is available to purchase on iTunes worldwide now!

- Nathan Bertao

Image Credit: MTV

Monday, December 15, 2014

Charli XCX - 'Sucker' (Album Review)

By: Jess Thomas

Sucker is the third album from up and coming British pop sensation Charli XCX and it’s not your typical pop release. Charli has had a stellar 2014, collaborating with none other than Iggy Azalea on her smash hit ‘Fancy’ as well as having her track ‘Boom Clap’ on the ‘Fault in our Stars’ film soundtrack. All this acclaim has made ‘Sucker’ one of the most anticipated albums of 2014 and it’s set to be her biggest to date. XCX might be young but her sound is that of a grungy 90s throwback intertwined with modern catchy pop tunes that we’ve all been waiting for. Sucker is full of punchy girl power anthems that you can’t help but dance too while shouting the lyrics alongside the track. It’s an album all about the girls and Charli isn’t shy about expressing her feelings in her unique musical styling.

The two released singles ‘Boom Clap’ and ‘Break the Rules’ are impeccable set ups for this record because they give you just a little taste of what else you can expect.  We start off with the title track Sucker which is full of shouted profanity and clashing electronic sound effects with crazy lyrics which make you listen and it’s a great way to prepare you for what else is in store for this album. Each track we’re given from this release is just as catchy as the last and it’s a nonstop dance party that’s the perfect way to end 2014 on a high note. After a listen through of Sucker its clear to see that Charli XCX has put a lot of work into this release, with the songs getting better and better track after track. Her entire sound is reminiscent of classic 90s anthems with big guitars, drums and electro synth backing her empowering lyrics.

Get yourself ready for some girl power as Charli XCX prepares to dominate the world with her flashback trashy chic aesthetic that’s oh so in right now. And it’s clear with Sucker’s release that 2015 is going to be the year of Charli XCX!

Album Standouts: Break the Rules, London Queen, Breaking Up, Die Tonight and SuperLove.


image: wikipedia

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 13 “How the ‘A’ Stole Christmas” Recap

By: Jess Thomas
It’s the episode we’ve all been waiting for, the highly anticipated PLL Christmas special! This time around they’ve ditched the Halloween special for a much more festive episode, but never fear it’s just as creepy as ever.  Just because our favourite liars are lacking in festive spirit doesn’t mean ‘A’ is, A doesn’t take a holiday break, oh no A is just getting started. We see ghosts, gifts and too many Santa’s to keep up with but is it all part of the production teams plan to leave us in the dark? It’s an episode that leaves you with no answers just an urge to watch the rest of season 5.

Settle into your sleigh and get ready to open my tasty little treats because I’ve got everything you need to know about this festive episode.

Mona’s gifts from the afterlife
Mona might be gone but it doesn’t mean she’s stopped giving; she was smart enough to leave a package to Hanna in case anything ever happened to her. In the parcel delivered by her estate manager was a detailed map of Ali’s home, it’s time for a raid mission! Is the missing piece in finally clearing Spencer’s name in the Bethany murder case?
We’re also visited by a vision of Mona, more like a Christmas Angel who likes to mess with Ali in her dreams. In a flash back style dream Mona guides us on a journey that takes us to Ali’s childhood where we get to see a little connection to Bethany and just how messed up Ali and her mother are.
The Charity Ice Ball
Essentially a night fabricated to confuse us poor viewers and to send the liars round the twist, it’s hosted by none other than Alison Dilaurentis and this is where it starts to get weird. First off we see the liars patiently waiting for Ali’s arrival so Hanna and Spencer can start their snooping mission. Once Ali makes her grand entrance with four of her minions who are cleverly masked, they’re off to find the dirt. But who are the minions you wonder? The twins and Jenna and Sydney, yep that’s right they’ve joined team Ali but according to them it’s for protection, what’s that saying... Keep your friends close but your enemies closer? Who knows where this storyline is headed.

Then we see Ali sneak off and lock lips with Santa Claus, but behind the beard it’s revealed to be Detective Holbrook! Just when we thought our resident good cop was just here to solve the case, it’s clear to see he must know more than he lets on. (Told you it gets confusing)

But wait! There’s more…
Remember CeCe Drake?  For reasons unknown to everyone she’s back, for Ali.

The Ali Raid
Sneaking away from the Chaos of the ball equipped with the floor plans from Mona, Spencer and Hanna narrowly escape from ‘A’ who obviously knew exactly what they were up too. Evidence that Ali and Bethany we’re clearly friends and information needed to possibly clear spencer is discovered; a letter written from Bethany to stating how excited she was to spend Labour Day weekend with Ali. (The weekend Bethany was murdered). Before Hanna narrowly avoids her death she also finds Ali’s escape plan, a passport with a new identity ‘Holly Varjak’ hidden in a birdcage. How does Ali even keep up with all her lies!

Oh and after all that chaos this happened.
 And just when you thought we could believe in Christmas miracles we’re left with knowing that ‘A’ sees when you’re sleeping, ‘A’ knows when you’re awake and ‘A’ knows when you’ve been bad or good… So Merry Christmas Bitches 

Arrow Season 3 Episode 9 "The Climb" (Midseason Finale) Recap!

By: Clare Belshaw

This week I was promised Arrow fighting Ra's al Ghul. I was not disappointed...

Starting with a brief shot of some climbing, we then cut to Captain Lance drinking some egg nog in the station, before going outside and finding his holiday gift from Arrow. Some random criminal.

My reaction: Well now you've made it awkward cause he didn't get you anything.
Lance's reaction: We now I feel bad that I didn't get you anything.

Captain Lance... I like you.

Oliver is then captured straight away by the league of assassins. It turns out Nyssa (Not Talia) gave Oliver a deadline to find Sarah's killer (which she never told him) and he has failed to deliver. If Oliver doesn't deliver the killed within the next forty eight hours they will kill fifty random civilians each day till he does.

And the one doing the killing with be Maseo!

I honestly thought that Maseo would be dead by this point; you know, so that Katana would have gone all psycho and named her sword after him.

Soon Katana... soon.

Laurel is visiting Sarah's grave when she runs into Thea; they have a moment but it feels a little too rushed and forced. With Thea constantly saying in a loud voice 'but you shouldn't be upset. Sarah is alive, and perfectly fine. She definitely isn't dead, so why are you crying?'

Laurel reveals to Thea what happened, so the list of people who know Captain Lance's daughter is dead is slowly including everyone in Starling City apart form Captain Lance.

At Palmer Technologies, tensions are tight between Felicity and Ray as he had run off after their kiss. She leaves to join the team inside the Quiver. Oliver tells them about the League's demands; Felicity is working on the DNA but they don't have any leads apart from that.

Time for a flashback as Oliver is trying to deal with the fact he has been torturing people; but they have found out that China White is planning on releasing a bio weapon.

In the present Felicity has tracked down the DNA on the arrows that killed Sarah, only to find out that the killer is Oliver.

Cut back to the climbing, Oliver sure is determined to get up that mountain.

Team Arrow is confused about how Oliver's DNA could be on the arrows, Oliver says Merlyn must have framed him. Felicity tracks down the flight plans to see that someone did travel from Corto Maltese to Starling City the night before Sarah's death. Arrow and Arsenal go to bully a pilot into telling them who hired him. Not only does the pilot say he'll tell them, he in fact has video. (ok, that seems suspicious)

Looking at the footage we see that Thea went along with Merlyn to Starling city; meaning that perhaps with wasn't Oliver's DNA but that of his sisters. Team Arrow tries to tell him that's probably what's happened but Oliver doesn't believe them so he goes to ask Thea himself. Thea comes clean that she has been seeing Merlyn as he's her family but denies she ever came back to Starling City.

In the meantime Felicity and Ray talk apparently he feels incredibly guilty for kissing her because his finance died suddenly and he felt he was betraying her. Ok; fair reason, as well as a good grounding for why he is going to become a hero himself.

Laurel is going to dinner with her mother, which turns quickly into a reveal about how Sarah is dead. I don't really think I can add another name to the list of people who shouldn't have found out before Captain Lance since she is Sarah's mother.

Ra's is training, and killing for no reason. Not really in Ra's MO there Arrow. I feel Ra's in this is a little more like...

On the suggestion of team Arrow Oliver is going to talk to Thea again, however this time he's going as the Arrow.  Oliver... I don't think that'll work.

Thea kicks his ass and peace's out. It is one of the best scenes in all of Arrow as Oliver watches her with this open mouth expression of confusion.

Merlyn goes to confront Oliver as Thea told him about the Arrow. Oliver says he will flat out kill Merlyn and we get to see Merlyn's trump card. It turns out Thea was the one who killed Sarah; however much like Roy with the cop she wasn't in control of her mind when she did this. I look forward to when this is revealed to Thea and she straight up takes out Merlyn for it.

Seriously the mind controlled woman thing? Not a fan of it.

Merlyn says that if Oliver goes and challenges Ra's to a dual and wins, then all the blood debts will be forgiven, including Thea killing Sarah. Oliver feels pretty trapped over a barrel here so he goes and tells Ra's that he killed Sarah. Which no one believes although Oliver comes up with the best story he can in the situation; which is it that it isn't the first time she asked him to kill her to escape the league of assassins.

In the past we see China White has tracked down Maseo's family and  a sword fight breaks out between her and Katana. Yes Katana! Cut her down! While we don't get to see it, it appears China White wins and drags away an injured Katana.

Ra's gives Oliver 12 hours before the dual and it's really touching to see Oliver saying what he thinks will be his last good bye to everyone. The moments are all very short and too the point but they feel very real and, no, it's not getting to me... I just, have something in my eye.

In the midst of all of this we see Ray tell Felicity about the A.T.O.M suit, and it's a very cute call out that it was once called OMAC. 

Now we go back to the core of this episode, Oliver had climbed to the secret battle grounds and this is where the episode devolves into a full on Batman movie.

Seriously,Oliver is now basically Bruce Wayne, fighting Ra's on a mountain top with swords. Shirtless; and it's nice to see a return to a little fan service in this show.

They fight and Oliver has his ass handed to him, until.. oh. Oh. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIIIIII...

Oliver gets cut down and kicked off a cliff.

Ok, Ok, so I know like most fans what the deal is with Ra's and his... beauty pits, shall we say. Although I imagine most don't and even as a serious comics fan this took me by surprise. It looks as all the next few episodes are Oliver free so a lot less action and a lot more tearbending once the show is back after mid-season break.

Re-caps will resume when the show does.

VOTE: What Was Your Favourite Album, Movie & TV Show Of 2014?

By: Shahbaz Malik
Vote for your favourite flick, album and TV show of the year!...

We are almost at the end of 2014 and boy, was it a big year in media and pop-culture...

To celebrate, Media Hype 101 is hosting its first-ever 2014 vote off!

Whether your a TV, music, or movie lover (let's be honest everyone loves all three categories) we would like to see your thoughts and comments on just who and what was your highlights of the year.

To participate, simply vote on the polls or drop a comment below... 


Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.


Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.


Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Thanks for voting. 

Check back January 2nd, 2015 to see who comes out on top for 2014!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

WATCH: Ariana Grande Brings Christmas Cheer In "Santa Tell Me" Music Video

By: Shahbaz Malik
Ariana Grande gets into the festive spirit for Christmas themed track "Santa Tell Me"...

Christmas has come a little early for Ariana, in her just-dropped Xmas themed music video.

In the home-made style video Ariana chills with her pals in bed, then frolics around a house  (presumably hers) complete in Christmas gear (reindeer ears, gift wrapping, santa hats.. and all that jazz). There's also a little Brady Bunch style sequence too!

Keeping with the festive spirit, it comes complete with an outtake montage of Ariana and her pals having a jolly good time.

It truly is Christmas season with multiple TV shows and artists also getting into the Christmas themed mode this time around.

Happy early Christmas media lovers!

- Shahbaz Malik

Image: Republic Records

WATCH: Divergent Series - Insurgent (Theatrical Trailer)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Full length trailer for Divergent sequel gives fans an epic look into thee next chapter. 
Divergent has released the full-length trailer for the upcoming sequel titled Divergent Series: Insurgent and is a massively improved look at the film, compared to the teaser trailer that was released a few weeks ago.

The full trailer reveals details on the plot, in that Tris's (Shailene Woodley) arch nemesis, Jeanine (Kate Winslet) is on the hunt for both her and her group of rebels!

Oh, plus there's a hot make-out session between central-lovers Four (Theo James) and Tris. Don't say we didn't warn you...

With epic music, great visuals and a hot cast, you certainly can't go wrong with this trailer.

Watch the epic trailer below:

Divergent Series: Insurgent hits theatres, March 2015.

- Shahbaz Malik

Images: Summit

Thursday, December 11, 2014

WATCH: Reigan Derry - "All Of The Pieces" (Music Video)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Ex- X Factor Australia contestant, Reigan Derry releases debut music video!

Reigan Derry may not have cracked the final three on X Factor Australia, but has already managed to score a record deal with Sony Australia!

I mean it was just a matter of time right? Afterall Reigan delivered numerous stellar performances on the reality show (some even generating a global buzz).

The video for her first single "All Of The Pieces" comes straight off a special EP (of the same name) and is shot in an atmospheric and misty forest, and even features a flying Reigan!

Plus, the track is also a beautifully emotional and catchy song too. Need we say more?

Watch the debut music video below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 9 “I Alone” Recap

By: Jess Thomas
Just when you think we can get Bonnie back home and everyone’s happily ever after, Kai ruins the fairy tale ending once again. This week’s instalment is full of heartache, tears and even death; it’s certainly one you don’t want to miss.

Damon + Elena, the dream team once again?
Just episodes before you wouldn’t find Damon and Elena in the same room together but the pair have been spending some quality time together and it’s easy to see that Bonnie isn’t the only reason; the flames of their relationship are slowly rekindling!

With the help of a compelled Alaric and a drunken Jo we see Damon with the ascendant in his hands and saving a damsel in distress on the top of his to do list. Recruiting Elena as his faithful side kick and Liv as puppet master of the entire operation, Damon sets out on a mission with a 8 hour deadline to rescue Bonnie from the repeating prison of 1994.
Big Bad Kai
While Damon and Elena time warp back to 1994, Kai has just entered the 21st century and he’s more than willing to leave a trail of bodies to make up for lost time. First on his hit list is Liv, he finds her at the bar, she discovers his true identity only just narrowly escapes his grasp, with thanks to Tyler saving the day. Of course Kai isn’t too disheartened by Liv’s escape, he drained some of her magic in his heist and he’s got some catching up to do with our favourite vampire Damon. It all goes down as Damon and Elena are whisked out of 1994 before retrieving Bonnie at the cemetery, at Bonnie’s gravestone it’s an epic duel that showcases Kai’s latest magical feats and leaves the ascendant smashed to pieces. We’re left to see both Damon and Elena hurt and devastated while Kai makes his way to Mystic Falls to complete some unfinished business.

Bonnie’s Heartache
Once again, like Jeremy we get our hopes up thinking that Bonnie might actually return and then we’re left with broken dreams. Bonnie did all she could, hot-wired a car and started a crazy road trip back to Mystic Falls with Damon and Elena waiting for her after being left on the Gemini Covens property. She made it back with time to spare, racing over to Elena’s childhood home only to have her heart ripped out of her chest as she realizes they aren’t there, she’s still stuck. With nothing left to do but cry, we last see bonnie having an emotional breakdown on the porch. 
(And us an emotional breakdown in our bedrooms)

Will episode 10 leave us with happy hearts or fresh tears before the Christmas break?

WATCH: Jessie J - "Masterpiece" (Music Video)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Jessie J gets down with fans in new music video for brand new single "Masterpiece"!

Jessie J has just dropped the video for new single "Masterpiece", which comes straight off her 2014 record Sweet Talker.

The video is quite fitting with the theme of the song, as she touches on her day-to-day life - from waking up, to doing photoshoots all building up to Jessie joining and singing alongside fans.

You maybe working on your "Masterpiece" Jessie J, but can we please get a piece of that life please?...

Watch the video below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Monday, December 8, 2014

Revenge 4x10 'Atonement' (Midseason Finale) Review

By: Shahbaz Malik
Revenge said goodbye to 2014 in the most shocking and intense way possible...

Let me just say, this episode was the most emotional Revenge episode ever! I am still trying my best to wrap my head around what just happened.

Okay let me try *wipes tears*:

Victoria is finally honest... 

After Daniel had a deep and emotional session with Vic, she finally decided to listen and follow her son's new view on life. She was so proud, and happy to see Daniel take on such a new outlook. She was also already giddy over Margaux revealing that she is set to be a grandma.

I was kind of iffy on the pregnancy storyline last week, but it all makes sense and I'm just so emotional over it now.

Oh and did we mention, David was even planning to KILL Victoria but once she fessed up he stopped in his tracks.

Margaux gives Daniel a second chance...

Victoria continued to surprise last night, as she comforted Margaux over her baby news. Vic helped Margaux realise she does truly love Daniel, and the difficulties of having to raise the upcoming baby on her own.

It was a touching scene, as Victoria has the experience of dating a Graysons... revealing that her son is indeed unlike his father.

Nolan and Louise... 

These two are so cute together, I mean they both somehow compliment each others personalities. Yes, Lousie maybe cray but Nolan really challenges her and brings the comfort, love and friendship in which she is missing from her life.

From selfies, to sharing a dance together they might just be my new fave friendship on the show. Nolan even offered to help out with her brother and family dramas, I mean what else could you want from a friend?

The shockingly intense final minutes...

Props to the Revenge creators for hyping and establishing such an intense episode, I mean with the promotionals that a main would be killed off, the writers really played and toyed with the idea that someone was about to exit the show.

I was going back and forth once the Daniel flashbacks with Conrad emerged (which revealed that Daniel contemplated suicide!) I was set that Daniel will be a goner.

But once David shockingly dropped some kind of poison into Victoria's glass of wine, I moved into thinking her or someone else would somehow manage to drink it.

But then everything suddenly went all intense when Emily confronted the FBI girl in her house (why did she even invite her without backup?!?) For a second, it looked like Emily was about to die after that big stair fall.  Can we agree that this should go down as one of the most epic fights ever in the show's history?

But no, the reality is how could the show even survive without it's lead? When it was mentioned Nolan was watching, fingers then shifted to him coming to the rescue but it was Jack who than ran over there realising his new gal was a total BIATCH! Gosh you writers know how to mess with our heads, don;t you?

Conveniently Daniel was nearby and we saw him spot the action, he then swooped in attempting to help Emily after her horrific fall... only to be shot down by the crazy daughter of Malcolm. Cue then, Jack's arrival to finally viciously shoot her down...

Goodbye Daniel Grayson... 

Even though many fans found Daniel to be a quite frustrating or under-used character, I certainly enjoyed having him on the show as he really struggled with the difficulty of trying to make a life for himself. Living under the shadow of two shady parents doesn't help either...

In the end, Daniel made the ultimate sacrifice of atoning for the wrongs he did to Emily especially. Oh and if that wasnt enough for the heart to take, Emily revealed she indeed shared feelings for Daniel. NOOOO! This is too much...

Before we go Revengers for yet another epic year, lets just appreciate how difficult that scene would of been to film especially since both Emily VanCamp (Emily) and Joshua Bowman (Daniel) are real-life partners...  Imagine channeling all those emotions of losing your partner, even if it's only for fictional and art purposes.

Goodbye any hope of Demily reuniting ...

The stakes are now higher than ever as we head into a new chapter of Revenge!

Watch the emotional repercussions set to unfold in 2015 below:

Overall Rating:
- Shahbaz Malik
Images: ABC