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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ariana Grande - My Everything (Album Review)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Ariana gives us a bit of everything on 'My Everything' while maintaining true to herself...

Pop diva of this generation, Ariana Grande has finally given us her second studio album.

This time around, Ariana gives us a bit of mainstream pop (which proves she can adapt to whatever you throw her way) while still remaining true to her usual sound of old school RnB and soulfulness. Of course her mainstream sounding hits have taken over the charts too with her collab with Iggy Azalea on 'Problem', followed by mega-hit DJ/producer Zedd on 'Break Free'.

I applaud Ariana for giving us more versatility this time around, which was missing from her debut album 'Yours Truly'.  But if you want to see her at her true potential, tracks like 'Why Try' and 'Just a Little Bit of your Heart' give you just that as she packs a punch with high emotion and personal lyrics along with delivering them at the highest of notes.

Other tracks showcase Grande's experiences of relationships, such as her swift and casual tone on 'Best Mistake' (which is kind of brought down by Big Sean overpowering it). 'Love Me Harder' on the other hand touches on a more sexual sort of sound, from the "biting lip" line to The Weekend's hip pressure lyrics. Plus the more blatant sexually infused track 'Hands On Me' is definitely a realisation that she has grown up since her last album despite people constantly accusing her of appearing as a 'little girl'.

Those haters are even addressed on bonus track titled 'You Don't Know Me', which basically states that she is more than just a pretty face. Go Ariana!

Arianators will no doubt be satisfied with this album as it delivers on all-fronts, wether your a mainstream fan or simply a lover of her usual work. Plus, lovers of pop and newcomers alike will be merely pleased with Grande's serving of tunes on 'My Everything'.

Overall Rating: 

Must-Listen Tracks: Why Try, Break Free, Problem, Love Me Harder, One Last Time, My Everything, You Don't Know Me (Bonus Track).

Watch the music video for her latest single 'Break Free' below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Taylor Swift – “Shake It Off” (Single Review)

By: Shahbaz Malik
Taylor Swift is back with a brand new single! Get our verdict...

Taylor Swift has officially ditched her country roots for her recently revealed upcoming new album ‘1989’.

In a live announcement, Taylor revealed that her latest effort is pure pop perfection and if her first single “Shake It Off” is anything to go by, she’s not lying.

No guitar strings here, as the song uses a funky catchy mix reminiscent of her other major catchy pop hit “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”.

It’s a statement on what the media has constantly been throwing Swift’s way, from her love life to just plain simple haters hating.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Watch the clip for the new single below, and tell us what you think of Taylor’s new direction! Your either gonna shake, shake, shake or hate, hate, hate it.

- Shahbaz Malik

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 "Perishable" Recap

By: Shahbaz Malik
Teen Wolf went all out this week, and maybe just a tad overboard.

And The Benefactor is... Meredith?

Thought she was dead, but we were wrong... I'm assuming she just wants revenge for her wrong-doings and judging from next week's promo she seems just a crazy list obsessed killer.

Oh and it was Lydia and her grandmother that pushed this girl into insanity. I feel sorry for Lydia as she feels guilty of the path she has taken, but maybe this will change next week?

Detective Parrish is supernatural? Talk about surprises, we all knew something was supernatural about him after appearing on the deadpool-list for 5K (yeah, not 5 dollars).

We saw him killed by another fellow Deputy for a quick cash-in, but boy did he regret it as Parrish came back all hot in black ash and completely nude to get his revenge.

One theory right now, goes by the word Phoenix. Take what you must from that...

Drunken times, or music high? Malia, Liam got drunk and later united as a team with Scott after a presumedly drunken bonfire, except it was some crazy-ass music disturbing their minds.

Thankfully, Derek came to the rescue.. Aww, don't you just love him looking out for Scott. But yes, we need some more info on this drug-inducing music though...

Stydia or Stalia.. We all love when Stiles and Lydia are together, as it's just classic Teen Wolf. I mean Stalia is still awesome, but Lydia shares a greater history with our loveable geeky Stiles. Seeing him get all protective over her and getting all Stydia again proves just why we love these two together!

List confusion.. What is going on?! Derek has been removed, and the list has changed. A current theory surfacing amongst Wolfies is because his losing his supernatural powers.

Perhaps Kate was actually protecting Derek to get off the list? Does this mean she's still crushing over Derek then? If she is, gurl has some competition.


Next episode airs a day early due to the MVMA's, watch the promo below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Jessica Lowndes New Single "Silicone In Stereo" Details Revealed + Snippet!

By: Shahbaz Malik
Post-90210, Jessica Lowndes is now ready to take on the music world along with promoting her latest film project.

After the sad cancellation of 90210, Jessica Lowndes has been MIA in the music and entertainment world. But if you follow her on Instagram you would see that the Canadian beauty has been hard at work in the studio, along with filming her latest flick ''The Prince" alongside Bruce Willis and 50 Cent!

"Silicone In Stereo" is the title of her upcoming single, and touches on the good and bad dealings of the LA dream.

Watch her discuss the track below:

We can't wait to hear it Jess! In the mean time, listen to a quick snippet of the track here.

"Silcone in Stereo" will be available to purchase on Amazon & iTunes on September 9th.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

True Blood Season 7 Episode 9 "Love Is to Die" Episode Review!

By: Shahbaz Malik
True Blood's penultimate episode delivers in setting up the final goodbye...

Jess fulfils her destiny... Jess reclaimed what was hers before turning into a vampire by reuniting with Hoyt. And to conceal the re-union, what better way then finally having hot steamy sex!

Bridget and Jason .. After last weeks episode I sensed these two would get together after Jason's crazy ex was killed.

Bridget saw past his sexual facade, and comforted Jason over Hoyt's angry words after Jason worked his magic in helping Bridget with an airline woman (only Jason knows best to manipulate the female species). Plus Jason got all intimate this time, instead of the usual mindless animal sex.

I sense these two will get a happy ending, and possibly have kids together? #fingerscrossed

Sookie's heartbreak.. Bill went through with his decision to not take the cure. While some might say it's selfish, I think it's rather courageous. I mean who would want to live forever? There's always a beauty in beginnings and endings, and Bill wants Sookie to move on away from the darkness.

But is this really goodbye? We didn't see Bill bite the dust tonight, but all will be revealed in next week's final.

Eric in a desperate situation... Poor Pamela being the constant victim in order to make Eric's decisions, this time he had to reveal the truth of others knowing about the cure! And now the assasin mafia is headed for Bill and Sookie (if Eric did tell their location).

Bill also tonight seems to have made Eric have the same mind-set when it comes to Sookie, as he refused to go inside when she offered. Afterall Eric and Bill only want whats best for Sookie and it looks like Eric will follow through with Bill's wishes.

Ginger gets what she wants... and falls to sleep.

Eric finally gave her what she's craved forever, even though she was Hep V infected. It was hilarious seeing her just get a little touch of intimacy from Eric before she got all she needed.

While Eric said his immune to Hep V, I can't remember that being revealed before.. Has Eric gave up his thirst of life if he was lying, and meet the same fate as Bill?

Overall Rating:

It's the end of HBO's blood-sucking drama, so take a look at the final ever promo for True Blood:

- Shahbaz Malik

Friday, August 15, 2014

Music Weekly Wrap-Up (August 10): Hilary's Radio Return, Ariana's Space Adventure & Iggy's Revenge Trip!

By: Shahbaz Malik
It was a big week for pop music lovers this week, so get up to speed with these MUST listen/see tracks!


1. Hilary Duff - "All About You"

If you were disappointed with "Chasing The Sun" (which was honestly not that bad), it was rumoredly just a buzz single and this is her official radio return! 

2. DEV - "Kids"

DEV has been a hit and miss (even though her tracks are crazy good) with only a few tracks cracking the radio-waves (Dancing in the Dark, and her collab with Far East Movement on 'Like a G6'). She has now given a taste of her new EP "Bittersweet July" with a song titled "Kids" and it's a pure dance party-starter.


Ariana shows off a more sexy side in her galactic inspired music-video for "Break Free". It gives us some serious 90's space inspired music-video flashbacks too! Watch it below.

2. Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora - "Black Widow"

Ever hated a bad customer so much that you thought of a whole 'Kill Bill' inspired film in your head to get revenge? Well, Iggy Azalea does just that in her video for new single "Black Widow"

3. Sam Smith - "I'm Not The Only One"

Feeling emotional? Than your going to love Sam Smith's latest ballad. Plus, Glee beauty Diana Agron makes an appearance in the music video!

4. Dami Im - "Gladiator"

X Factor - Australia winner is now onto her third single and shows no signs of slowing down with her latest catchy-warrior inspiring song "Gladiator". Check it out below.

- Shahbaz Malik

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

WATCH: Ariana Grande Debuts Intergalactic Music Video For "Break Free"!

By: Shahbaz Malik
Ariana Grande reveals quirky and sexy video for "Break Free".

Looks like Ariana is stepping it up in the music video department. The former Nickelodeon stalwart is now trying out more raunchy moves in her latest vid, which are very Katy Perry reminiscent.

The producer of the song, Zedd also makes a surprising appearance near the end to showcase his DJ moves in space!

And is just me or does it give you Britney Spears 'Oops!...I Did It Again' feels?

Watch the video below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Wentworth Season 2 (2014) Review

By: Joel Evans

The Freak is here!

Last week the most popular Australian drama on Foxtel concluded its second season. Wentworth is a re-imagining of the classic 1970s drama Prisoner. Like its predecessor, the show focuses on the inmates and staff at the fictional Wentworth Correctional Centre. The creators marketed the second season rigorously in Australia, flaunting the addition of a villain audiences have always loved to hate, Joan Ferguson, otherwise known as "The Freak". 

Viewers were treated to a turbulent season. Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) arose from the ashes of her daughters death. Liz Birdsworth (Celia Ireland) is up for parole. Franky Doyle (Nicole Da Silva) rules with an iron fist as top dog, and Doreen Anderson (Shareena Clanton) strikes up a romance with a male prisoner, visiting Wentworth to assist with a garden project. Additionally the private and professional lives of the staff fill a significant space in the plot, none more intriguing than Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), who is consistently plotting, planning and playing prisoners and staff against one another. The second season was a gripping entanglement of games, paced extremely well.

Rabe's cold and calculating performance lives up to the Ferguson loved and hated by fans of Prisoner. An interesting twist is that this time, Joan is running things. She is the governor of Wentworth, ruling with a ruthless code of discipline. With the death of Jacs Holt last season, Ferguson has filled the shoes of the primary antagonist perfectly, a move I praise on the part of the creators. There is just one little issue that I find with Ferguson's sudden appearance as governor. The removal of former governor Erica Davidson is glossed over and never explained. While I loved the introduction of Ferguson, I feel that Davidson's dismissal should have been fleshed out more or featured in the opening moments of the first episode. 

The second season was riveting and I eagerly await the third season which is set to air on SoHo in 2015. If you have not yet seen the show I encourage you to do so. Fans of Orange is the New Black may be particularly interested. This is a show you do not want to miss. 


Check out the trailer below:


Monday, August 11, 2014

Son of God (2014) Review

By: Joel Evans

He spread his word. He changed the world. 

From the creators of the television series The Bible comes the historical epic Son of God. Christopher Spencer directed the biblical epic which chronicles the travels and crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth. Diogo Morgado stars as Jesus Christ in an adaption which handles its source material with brilliance and sensitivity. 

Drawing on renowned quotations from the Bible Son of God recreates historic moments from the life of Christ. Pacing is quite fast, shifting between Christ and the Jewish authorities in Jerusalem. This shifting builds the necessary tension to maintain audience interest and makes clear the political consequences of Jesus' preaching and miracle working. 

Morgado's performance struck me as monotonous at times but this may just be his acting style, and overall it worked. Roma Downey starred as Mary, mother of Christ. Overlooked was Amber Rose Revah as Mary Magdalene. I felt that Revah's performance was the most impressive, and the scenes of Downey and Revah together were some of the most emotional I have seen on film this year.

You know the ending to Son of God, and the crucifixion scene is not for the faint of heart, but the journey to that ending is what this film is all about. It is about the journey of a man, and those who were not afraid to hear his words. It is about having the faith to believe in something, and it is a lesson about both the good and evil that humanity is capable of. 


Check out the trailer below:


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lucy (2014) Film Review

By: Shahbaz Malik

Lucy delivers philosophical look at our existence..

Universal Pictures
Don't be fooled into thinking this is a simple sci-fi flick, as Lucy is much more philosophically based than it looks.

It deals with innocent girl, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) getting caught up in a tragic drug trafficking business, which is conveniently a completley out of this world drug called CPH4. It ends up backfiring though with the drug leaking into Lucy's body giving her superhuman like traits of surpassing the usual 20% use of human brain power.

While it may sound very alien-like action fun, director Luc Besson gives a more metaphorical and meanings heavy flick as it deals with the use of knowledge, power, greed and human capability. It particularly makes a statement that humans are much more capable than what they are, but it is these factors of greed and ignorance etc. that withstand the true form humans can be.

Lucy is visually pleasing too, with its use of animal intercuts and location changes, along with Lucy's slow transformation to reaching 100% brain power. Plus, Johansson shines yet again here and is the sole purpose that gives Lucy that extra factor, along with the always wise Morgan Freeman.

While the films idea is a good concept in theory, it sometimes falters with its subject matter. Most notably its confusing final hours and ending which aims to be Inception-like, only more underwhelming.

VERDICT: If existential meanings and philosophical lessons are your thing then Lucy is right up your alley, but if your a not to heavy action sic-fi sort than you may be disappointed with this one.

Overall Rating:

View the trailer for Lucy below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guardians Of The Galaxy (2014) Film Review

By: Shahbaz Malik

Marvel introduces new breed of heroes in slick comical style...
When first viewing the trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy it looked like a cheesy and generic attempt to cash in on another Marvel franchise, but how most certainly wrong I was.

The latest Marvel story revolves around Peter's (Chris Pratt) discovery of an orb wanted by black- mouthed nemesis Ronan (Lee Pace), which then leads to him joining forces with a bunch of other guardian misfits to protect it. Guardians, along with its own merits also makes connections to recent Avenger films with post-credit characters coming to full fruition in this superhero outing (most notably Thanos's full appearance).

Casting is superb here, with leading man Chris Pratt doing justice as Peter, aka Star-Lord alongside love interest Gamora, played by the beautiful and fiesty Zoe Saldana. While WWE wrestler Dave Bautista also surprises as buff revenge seeker Drax along with fury humour providing Rocket, voiced by funny man Bradley Cooper.

Proving to be Marvel's most music savvy flick, Guardians thanks to Peter's mix-tape love treats viewers to an array of classic Western pop tunes.

It does sometimes tend to fall into usual territory in terms of love, comedy and usual action scenarios, but there's something about the style of Guardians that make it what it is. It's an entertaining and fun superhero Marvel blockbuster that flows along nicely without overstaying its welcome.

Be prepared to come out of the theatre with one-line that'll be stuck in your head for days, "I am Groot".

Overall Rating:

Take a look at the trailer for the galactic superhero flick below:

- Shahbaz Malik

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 7 "Weaponized" Review

By: Shahbaz Malik

The hit list grows, but so does the confusion...
Is it just me or is Teen Wolf more out of whack than usual? There is so many stories going on, which feel quite random at times. 

Let's try to make sense of this weeks instalment:

Virus.. This felt quite abrupt, with the school suddenly getting a virus outbreak during PSAT. It flowed with the Deadpool list as the assassins continue to hunt down the supernatural of Beacon Hills. 

This time it was by the exam runner who nearly shot Stiles, but thankfully Scott's dad came to the rescue!

Malia learns the truth... Malia finally learned her connection to the Hales after seeing her name on the deadpool list. She doesn't seem to happy, and Stiles looks lost for words...

But wait till she learns that Peter is actually her father after afterall. Bring on next week!

Wolf pack unite... It was quite a scene to see the supernatural friends unite during the effects of the virus, but Liam was missing this week and was quite noticeable as we got used to seeing him grace our screens on the show. Good job there TW writers for making us become accustomed to him already, he also does make the void Jackson left full again.

Lydia's guilt... Poor Lydia, it seems she pushed Madison over the edge last week and continues to feel the guilt this week as she tried to regain contact with her. I'm sure there was more to her death though, than simply demanding answers. Also, what was that room all about?

Who is The Benefactor?... the season mystery remains, just who is this evil season nemesis!

What are your thought on season 4 so far, is it too convoluted?

Episode Rating:

Next Week on Teen Wolf...

- Shahbaz Malik